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Imperian has hundreds of help files to help you learn more about the game and how to play.

24 Credits and Artifacts

24.1  Credits             How to purchase credits.
  24.1.1 Bound Credits     Almost as good as real credits!
  24.1.2 Daily Credits     Earn credits every day for free
  24.1.3 Elite             The Iron Elite subscription.
  24.1.4 Org Credits       Organisational can have them too.
  24.1.5 Big Credits       Large Credit Purchases.
  24.1.6 No brainer        Get lessons.

24.2  Credit Market       Sell/Buy credits for gold.
24.3  Artifacts           Special items which may be purchased.
  24.3.1  Weapon Artifacts 
  24.3.2  Special Weapon Artifacts
  24.3.3  Defense Artifacts
  24.3.4  Stat Artifacts
  24.3.5  Misc Artifacts
  24.3.6  Armour Artifacts
  24.3.7  Transfers
  24.3.8  Tradeins
  24.3.9  Artifact Upgrades
  24.3.10 Artifact Powers
  24.3.11 Artifact Gifts
  24.3.12 Customisation
  24.3.13 Custom Messages
  24.3.14 Artifact Reskins
  24.3.15 Artifact Fragments
  24.3.16 Lost Tomes of Albashir

24.33 Ironbank           The Ironbank Vaults

24.5 Promotions          Some of the special promotion prizes you can win.  
  24.5.1 Giftbags        Filled with wonderous gifts!
  24.5.2 Wheel           Spin the Wheel of Fortune for prizes!
  24.5.3 Assemblies      Collect various parts of items and combine them. Artifact Anklets Artifact Horns Artifact Chokers Artifact Sachets Artifact Crowns Artifact Cloaks
  24.5.4 Promo Market    Sell your promotional items to other players.

24.6 Snowglobes          Special items that transport you to Mount Icecloak.
  24.6.1  Icecloak Artifacts 
24.7  Portal Coins       Be wisked away to your own bashing grounds.
24.8  Mystical Beans     The mystical promotion beans.
24.9  Vanity Pets        Fun pets you can get in a variety of ways.
24.10 Horns              Special horns that summon a variety of beasts.
24.11 Ancestral Stones   Stones that will let you change race.
24.12 Ancestral Chips    Fragments of ancestral stones.
24.13 Dolls              Dolls of Imperian.
24.14 Atlas              Remnants of lost knowledge.

24.15 Familiars          Sentient pets, able to do your bidding.
  24.15.1 Battle Sets    A list of all current familiars and their battle set

24.16 Phylacteries       Containers of great power.
24.17 Apple Bags         Filled with apples with unique powers.
24.18 Behaviours         A way to alter your basic attack messages.
24.19 Auction Wares      Items you can only purchases at special auctions.
24.20 Cairns             Special Questing Items.
24.21 Immortality        Leave a permanent mark on Imperian.
24.22 Special Mounts     Can you get one of these unique mounts.
24.23 Entity Spheres     Representations of Imperian's entities.
24.24 Title Tokens       Fun little prefixes for your race.
24.25 Special Pets       Several unique pets.
24.26 Costumes           Fun Halloween costumes with special skills.

24.27 Gems               Used to create three unique items.

24.28 Stockings          A special Christmas time item.
24.29 Earrings           Earrings have powers that can be linked to others.
24.30 Doubloons          Golden Doubloons
24.31 Arrows             Love Arrows
24.32 Deck               Deck of Daegal Vonner