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24.7 Portal Coins

These special, consumable portal coins offer you a one-way trip to a personal area that only you will be able to hunt in. Nobody else will be able to enter your area, nor will they be able to move you from it. The area will last for one hour before it will collapse and you will be moved out of it.

There will be a chest in the area that will contain some valuables in it. You can only open the chest after you find the key for it. One of the inhabitants in the area will drop a key that will unlock the chest.

The inhabitants of the instance areas will be based on your own level. The higher your level, the harder the creatures in the area will hit, and they will have more health. This means that they will also be worth more experience.


FLIP <coin>
- Flip one of the portal coins. You must have full health and mana, and you cannot take any action while the coin is falling back down on you. You will be transported to your personal area after the coin falls down on you.

- This command will cause you to leave the instance. Keep in mind, if you leave the instance, you will be unable to return!

- See how long you have before the area will collapse.