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24.1 Credits

What are they?
There are two kinds of credits: Credits and Bound Credits. 

IMPORTANT! - If you are a new character or new to Imperian you do not need to get credits right away. We suggest checking out the 'No-Brainer Lesson Package'. Combined with the lessons you get from leveling, this will give you all the lessons you need to max your main skills. Read HELP LESSONS for some more information.

What are Credits?
Credits can be purchased from other players in Imperian, or can be purchased with real money from our website ( Credits are strictly non-refundable. Credits can only be used to transfer to other players, to sell on the credit market for gold, or to be converted into bound credits. You cannot use credits for lessons or make artifact or other purchases for your character until you 'bind' them to your character.

What are Bound Credits?
Bound Credits are normal credits which have been 'bound' to your character. Once a credit has been bound, it may be used for lessons or to buy artifacts and tradeskills. Should you return an artifact, the credit refund will be in Bound Credits. Basically, once you decide to bind a credit to a specific character, it can no longer be traded, transferred, or sold to other players. For more information on what you can use bound credits for, read HELP LESSONS and HELP ARTIFACTS. In addition, you will gain additional bound credits when achieving certain levels of experience. For more information see HELP LEVELS.

If you want to bind a credit to you, use the following command:


Typing CREDIT REPORT will show you how many Credits and Bound Credits you have.

The No-Brainer Bound Credits Package
Hands down, this is the best package for credits you will ever get. If you want credits, start here! 

This package may only be bought once for a character through the website. Your character will receive 300 credits plus a bonus 5 gladiator tickets which may be used to gamble at the gladiator pit (HELP GLADIATORS)! 

Please be aware that this offer does not stack with other promotions and is a one-time only purchase.

Membership Credits
If you are an Iron Elite member (HELP ELITE), then you are given bound credits attached to your registration when your membership is created, and every time it is renewed monthly by PayPal. You can view how many membership credits you have with CREDIT REPORT. Use the command CREDITS MEMBERSHIP TRANSFER <amount> to transfer some of those credits to your current logged-in character. The character must be linked to the same registration that you used when you created the membership.

How do I sell Credits?
As stated before, you can only sell normal credits, not bound credits. You can do this two ways. One, you can sell them on the credit market (See HELP CREDIT MARKET) or you can sell them to a buyer you have found on your own with the transfer command. Use the following command to do so:

TRANSFER <number> CREDITS TO <person> FOR <x> GOLD.

If you want to give someone credits for free, then specify 0 gold. If you specify a positive number of gold though, the person will have to be online.

What are Bonus Lessons?
Normally you receive 6 lessons for each bound credit converted into lessons. For the first 1000 normal credits you convert into bound credits, you will receive 2.5 additional lessons per credit. This means you can receive 2500 free lessons!

How do I buy Credits?
In order to purchase credits, go to our website at: Once there, you will be able to purchase them with either Mastercard or Visa. In addition you can print out order forms to send in checks and money orders.

Credit and Debit
All credit transactions are fully encrypted and secure, and are handled by a third-party, reputable service. After you have purchased credits, they will appear in your character's account within minutes. If, for some reason, you'd rather not use the website, you may mail a cheque drawn on a US bank, or a money order denominated in US dollars.

Checks and Money Orders
Due to extremely low mail volume, Imperian does not regularly accept cash, checks, or money orders for credit purchases. In the case of extreme circumstances, please contact the game's producer to see if alternate arrangements can be made.

It's important to remember that you are in a virtual world, and that things may happen to your character in the world that diminish or enhance the real or perceived value of the things you obtain via credits.

Imperian is a functioning world, and while we guarantee you will not lose any of the credits you buy, no such guarantee can be provided for what you purchase with the credits themselves. Naturally, we wouldn't be in business very long if this happened frequently, but as it is a world, your actions have consequences, and the actions of others can result in consequences for you. It's this dynamism in the nature of the world that people enjoy about Imperian. Thus, it is possible that the perceived or real value of the things you purchase with credits, or your ability to use those things, may both rise and decline during the course of play.