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24.3.5 Miscellaneous Artifacts

Acrobatic Boots: 1500 credits
- These boots let you use the abilities of kipup, frontflip, and backflip.

An altar of sanctity: 100 credits
- This altar allows you to perform the ritual of sacrifice as if you were always at your cult's or shrine's altar. You'll never have to go out of your way to get to your temple's altar again!

Anklet of Dashing: 100 credits
- Enables you to use the DASH/SPRINT ability to move through multiple rooms at once.

Amulet of sobriety: 100 credits
- Cure yourself of drunkenness once per real day with the SOBER command. Troll all your friends.    

Aphotic Sieve: 300 Credits
- Reduces haze cost by 1/2

Aqueous Ring: 800 credits
- Can create water rooms and part water rooms. POINT RING AT GROUND to flood a room POINT RING <dir> to part a room.

Armband of Celerity: 100 credits
- Gives you an extra move/second before the "Don't be so hasty" message kicks in.

Artifact Pet Token: 1000 credits
- This token can be redeemed for one custom pet.
- The pet can learn up to 8 of any Taming abilities.
- The pet cannot learn a combination of the Mount ability and an ability which allows you to instantly move to a target. Those combinations are reserved for auction pets only.
- The type of the animal must be a naturally-occurring beast. It cannot fly.
- Please check with Eoghan before purchasing the token if you have any doubts that your pet choice might not be acceptable.
- Please issue yourself to redeem this token.

Artifact Upgrade Tokens: 50 credits
- Can be used in place of credits to upgrade existing artifacts.
- Each token is worth 50 credits toward an upgrade, and can be combined with credits to reach the total cost of the upgrade.
- See HELP ARTIFACT UPGRADES for more information.

Bait Bucket: 100 credits
- This wonderful item is filled with an endless supply of bait.

Band of Fasting: 550 credits
- A bracelet that, while worn, will obviate your need for sleep and food.

Bauble of Alteration: 500 credits
- Enables you to change race and statpack up to once an Imperian year (once every 12 days).
- This will not work for anyone but the owner.
- Compare with the Gem of Transmutation.

A bent copper coin: 67 credits
- When you TAP <coin>, spiders, rattlesnakes, ants, frogs, meadowhawks, and sidewinders explode from the ground. This can only be used once per hour.

Bloodied wooden stake: 300 credits
- Pin a characters corpse to the ground when killed, keeping them from quickly returning to the land of the living.
- If a character has been staked, they cannot rezzed for this death. They must visit Charon and ferry back. 
- The stake can only be used once an hour.
- This only affects one death, not every death for a full hour
- Leaves a nice staked corpse in the ground for an hour.
- There is a 5 minute cooldown on character so they cannot be killed and staked right away again.
- Is not used on starburst and other similar skills. Only on a full death.
- PREPARE TO STAKE <target>- If the character dies in the room with you, you will stake them automatically.

A bolt of quicksilver weave: 300 credits
- This bolt of cloth can be woven into any tradeskill-crafted wearable container (such as packs and satchels) to turn it into an artifact container! The container will reset to you, and will have a capacity of 200! Additionally, you cannot be forced to remove items from the container, and only the owner may do so.
- WEAVE <container> WITH <bolt>

Bone Shard: 100 credits
- Throw this object at the ground or to another room, afflicting everyone in the room with random afflictions. Great party gag!

A Bookbinder's Trinket: 50 credits
- Allows you to remove the atlas pages from your atlas, letting you reapply them for different bonuses!
- Pages removed this way cannot be traded.

Botanical Guidebook: 150 credits.
- Doubles the number of plants you find in a room when using SEARCH FOR PLANTS.
- Note: does not work with terrariums.

Brooch of the Tempest: 50 credits
- You will never be blown laterally while flying, or blown out of the trees.
- See also: an Icecloak Brooch in HELP ICECLOAK WARES.

Cairn Stones: 33 credits
- These stones are used for created different types of cairns. Read HELP CAIRNS for more information.

Caravan Crop: 75 credits
- Lets you plunder caravans 25% faster.

Cardtable: 300 Credits
- Cardtables allow players to play custom card games.
- There are a variety of pre-defined games available to play.

Circlet of secrets: 300 credits
- While worn, this item prevents the user from being spied on with mindread (both seraph and ouroboros), telepathy sapience, mind listen, and torment unseeneye. This applies to the user. The item will block unseeneye look if the target has the circlet but not if it's on someone in the room, and listen if the eye is on the target but not if it's someone else in the room.

Clay Flowerpot: 200 credits
- 33% chance of growing one random flower (out of 36 types) every day.
- The flowerpot can hold up to 6 flowers, at which time it will stop producing them until you pick one. Open your own flower business!

Cloak of Obfuscate: 100 credits
- A cloak that lets you use the shroud ability.
- The shroud defence wears off after forty minutes.
- The shroud defence is identical to the defence granted by Trailblazing's Camouflage.

Collar of Customisation: 167 credits
- This collar works just like a Collar of Taming, except it allows you to use the customisation system to submit new descriptions for your pet.
- Usage: ATTACH <collar> TO <animal>.

Collar of Taming: 100 Credits
- This item will cause any killed pets to be revived one hour from the time of death. It will also allow you to NAME your animal.
- Usage: ATTACH <collar> TO <animal>.

Comfortable gilded pet cage: 100 credits
- Can be dropped in any room and it will reset there.
- Only the owner can pick it up.
- The owner can PUT <vanitypet> IN <cage> and the vanity pets will reset in the cage.
- The owner can GET <vanitypet> FROM <cage> and the vanity pets will reset to the characters inventory again.
- ANY player can take the vanity pet from the cage, but it will reset back to the cage after an hour.

Crystal-lensed Magnifying Glass: 100 Credits
- This artifact allows you to gain the LIPREAD defense, letting you see what other players are whispering about.

Crystehl Whetstone: 350 credits
- Increases the effect of sharpening a weapon by 50%- this affects the damage that the weapon causes. Additionally, sharpening with this whetstone does not damage the weapon.

Construction kit (a portable market stall): 833 credits
- This item allows you to set up a market stall in urban, road, or path environments.
- SETUP STALL to set it up
- BREAKDOWN STALL to break it down and put the kit back in your inventory.
- If your shop is not within a city or council and would like to change the title or description of the shop please send a message to Eoghan with the relevant information and mail him 1,000 gold (For titling) or 10,000 gold (For description) with the title or description within.

Dagger of Reincarnation: 100 credits
- Allows you to reincarnate once.
- Stand in Aryana's Spring and REINCARNATE INTO <statpack> <race> WITH DAGGER.
- The dagger is destroyed upon sacrificing yourself.
- Compare with the Mutating Dagger.

Darrinic Robes: 1000 credits
- Cuts your mana usage by 1/3.

Deathglory orb: 100 credits
- This special orb will allow you to specify your own custom deathsight message that the world will see when you kill someone. This message must be approved by the Gods before it will be used. You will have a new option in CONFIG for submitting your deathsight message. Use the special variables $(caster$) to expand your character's name, and $(target$) to expand your target's name in the deathsight message. Read HELP SCRIPTING for information about capitalising the first letter of a sentence if it is a variable. If you have any questions, please feel free to issue yourself.

Diadem of the Quickening: 850 credits
- Reduces the time it takes to recover equilibrium, by about 15%.

Diamond-Tipped Spade: 167 credits
- This artifact decreases the time it takes to dig or bury by 66%.

Disownment papers: 33 credits
- Hides your surname from most room, movement, honours, and communication messages.

Drakeskin Bag of Fertilizer: 100 credits
- This artifact will double the healing power of Naturebinding Tend
- Additionally, any seed planted while holding this artifact will grow to a sapling 33% faster!

Drakeskin feedbag: 67 credits
- This special item will ensure that your pets will never go hungry again. Any pet commands that make your pet hungry will no longer cause hunger to your pet.

Dragonskin Quiver: 167 credits
- Unlike regular quivers, this dragonskin will never decay and cause you to lose your valuable arrows.
- Also holds many more arrows than normal quivers!

Dusty shop logbook : 100 Credits
- The logbook allows you to read a shop log from anywhere in the world. It can be linked to a single shop you own.
- LOG SHOP WITH <logbook> while in the shop you want to link to.
- READ <logbook> to read the shop log.

Dwarven toolbox: 167 credits
- This item will automatically work as if you are possessing/wielding all of the items required to craft Tradeskill items, including their improved Engineering counterparts.

Earrings of Gazali: 800 credits
- Contact Dec for purchasing
- A pair of earrings. You wear one, and somebody else wears the other. As long as you are both wearing yours, you can travel to each other, provided that you're on the same continent, plane, and phase.
- Syntax: TRAVEL <person>
- These earrings are unlike other artifacts in that they are permanently bound and linked to the buyer and one other person. That other person must be specified to Eoghan when the artifact is purchased. The link and binding of the earrings cannot be changed, like all other artifacts.

Extra tattoo slot: 167 credits
- Have you ever found yourself yearning for just one more tattoo? This is the solution to all of your problems! With this, you will be able to obtain one more tattoo on your body. To do so, simply INK <tattoo> ON BODY <of me>, or BUY <tattoo> ON BODY OF ME.

Familiars: 167 credits
- HELP FAMILIARS to see both the battle and rp uses for these creatures. These are part of the OFTHEEARTH set- allowing you to gain access to the Architect.
- a miniature ssylsin
- a miniature wolkin
- a miniature asuwan
- a miniature xiur
- a miniature minotaur
- a miniature gargoyle

Family token: 333 credits
- Found your own family name! The creation of new families is usually disabled, but with this special token, Jeremy will help you create your own, brand-new family. Please contact Dec to redeem this token.

Ivory Figurine: 50 credits
- Increases the amount of people allowed on your enemy, ally, and marked lists, to 30.
Ebony Figurine: 150 credits
- Increases the amount of people allowed on your enemy, ally, and marked lists, to 40.

Fine leather wriststrap: 67 credits
- When you ATTACH <strap> TO <weapon>, the name of the weapon will appear in the short description of the weapon. The weapon must be indited for this to work.

Fishing Lure: 100 credits
- Increased chance of catching a better fish. BAIT POLE WITH LURE to attach it. It must be used in conjunction with bait.

Flask of Divine Manna: 100 credits
- A never-ending vial of manna that will fully satiate you when you drink from it. Become nearly immune to hunger-inducing afflictions! 

Foreboding Stone: 400 Credits
- Be warned whenever someone on your enemy list moves within your area.
- Use TOUCH <stone> to activate/deactivate the stone.

Fragrant Sachet of Potpourri: 50 credits
- Never smell foul again! When you are suffering from the stinky affliction, holding this potpourri will nullify the intermittent messages of your stench.

Free Item token: 100 credits
- This token can be redeemed for the creation of one custom, non-decaying, resetting item. The item cannot be functional in any way (so you can't, for example, make a really nice battleaxe that you forged permanent). You can use this token to create a special piece of furniture, a special piece of clothing, or a special roleplay item (like a scepter, or a musical instrument). Items made in this manner may hold artifact powers.
- To redeem this token once purchased, please e-mail and include the full description of your desired item. (PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR CHARACTER NAME IN THE E-MAIL)

Gem of Radiant Offerings: 100 Credits
- This artifact increases the amount of faith and belief generated by ritual sacrifice by 10%.

Gem of Transmutation: 1000 credits
- Enables you to change race and statpack up to once an Imperian day (once per RL hour).
- This will not work for anyone but the owner.
- Compare to the Bauble of Alteration.

Glass of aura magnification: 50 credits
- This artifact allows you to use the LASTLOGIN command on any of your mutual allies, letting you see how many days ago they last logged in!

Glass Terrarium: 1000 credits
- This portable and useful item will, once per day, produce a number of herbs equal to the maximum number of herbs that you can harvest in a single day. Use HARVEST <#>|ALL <plant type> FROM <terrarium>.
- Use SETUP <terrarium> AS <environment type> to change the environment type of your terrarium.
- Never have to travel to pick herbs again! Pick the herbs straight from your inventory!

Gloves of Harvesting: 300 credits
- If you can harvest, cuts your balance recovery for harvesting approximately in half.
- Doubles the number of plants you can harvest per 24 hour period.

Glowing Soulstone: 25 credits
- Crushing this stone will give you a temporary bonus of doubled bashing and questing experience gained for 8 hours of logged-in time.
- The double experience bonus does not stack with achievement timer bonuses or double experience days, but it will not count down while you have timers or during those days, either.

Goggles of the unseen: 200 credits
- This artifact, when worn, will allow you to passively see any hidden exits in your room.

Gold divining rod: 167 credits
- This rod has a 25% faster cooldown but it decays after 5 game years. See HELP TOMES.

Golden medal of the beasts: 100 credits
- Allows you to upgrade a skill on your animal. If you only have 30% max on deliver, you can use the medal to bump it up to 100%. This item will be consumed upon use. To use it: 
PRESS MEDAL ON <pet> FOR <skill>.

Gossamer Anchor: 200 credits
- After dying, this anchor will decrease by half the amount of time you  spend vulnerable to attacks made by other players against you.

Hammer of Forging: 100 credits
- Cuts all smithing-related balances in half.
- This includes SMITH, SMELT, and RESMITH.

Harp of Harmonies: 450 credits
- This is a powerful artifact, allowing the bard to play any Thespia song without the use of any other instruments.

Headshrinker's Kit: 50 credits
- This kit provides everything necessary to shrink decapitated heads, significantly extending their decay time.

Horn of Terror: 300 Credits
- Causes fear to everyone in the room.

Heron feather: 33 credits
- CARESSing this item will grant you a single trip to Clouds as if you were borne upon the wings of the eagles! This item is consumed upon use.

House Token: 833 credits
- This token will allow you to create a house in any normally accessible area in Imperian. Please message Dec with the room you wish to place the house in (and which direction), as well as the token number. 
- NOTE: If you are adding to a house, we have a few guidelines. We CANNOT and WILL NOT add to a house with a token not in your name. The token has to be in the owner's name, and we can add rooms to an existing home. If you have a secondary token and it is in your "spouses" name, we will say no. The code does not allow this.

Intellect Crown: 250 credits
- Decreases the amount of time it takes to acquire a mindlock by 40%.

Inviting cottage-style dollhouse: 100 credits
- Can be dropped in any room and it will reset there.
- Only the owner can pick it up.
- The owner can PUT <doll> IN <cage> and the dolls will reset in the cage.
- The owner can GET <doll> FROM <cage> and the dolls will reset to the characters inventory again.
- ANY player can take the doll from the cage, but it will reset back to the cage after an hour.

Iridescent Inkpot: 300 credits
- Increases by 50% the number of charges any new tattoo inked on your body will have.
- Decreases the chance that any tattoos that randomly fade will fade from your body.

Ironwood Mask: 350 Credits
- This mask can only be used by wardancers and will hold 2 ink colors on it.
- PAINT <mask> WITH <colour>
- Paints will wear off 12 months after the first ink is painted.
- Paint can be scrubbed early using SAND IRONWOOD.

Ivory Brooch: 100 Credits
- Hides your might on honors.

Keymaker's satchel: 100 credits
- Allows the user to COPY and PRODUCE keys without visiting the key person. Costs 1 iron per key.

Lamiran Amulet: 100 credits
- If worn, this amulet will allow you to breathe underwater.

Language token: 67 credits
- This token can be used to learn any language, including the normally unavailable languages of Orcish, Xiur, Yeti, Minotaur, Fae, Asuwan, Schelkin, Vyurdrag, Sangfel, Caanaeian, and Gargoyle. To learn how to speak a language from a token, use LEARN HOW TO SPEAK <language> FROM <token>

Large oak barrel: 33 credits
- Need to get to the underworld and hate that long trip to Caanae? With this barrel, you can DROWN IN BARREL. Note: You must have the charm bracelet in order to do this.

Liturgical Symbol: 250 credits
- Reduces all ritual belief and faith costs by 25% when worn.

Locket of memories: 67 credits
- With the memories of the other races in your head, you may perform any racially-restricted emote. EMOTEAS <race> <emote> 

Lucky charm: 33 credits
- Gives you a slightly increased chance to find a tome page. It is used up when you find a page and it was the reason. Pages found this way do not count toward the global daily limit. 

Mahogany Reservoir: 250 credits
- Evocation Imbue/Feather last 50% longer.

Mantle of Sacraments: 250 credits
- Characters possessing this item may use the MARRY command.
- MARRY <player> to <player>

Mark of the Patron Lord: 100 credits
- This item can be attached to an instrument, making it reset to its owner, not decay, and increases song length by 40% for songs that require one instrument, 20% for songs that require two instruments.
- The effect is cumulative. A song that requires two instruments played with both instruments having Marks attached will be increased by 40%.

Mask of Lifevision: 350 credits
- Enables you to use lifevision to see most hidden people.

Medallion of moons: 250 credits
- Cuts the cooldown for the tier 5 aspect power for the respective type by 33%.

Mimicking solution: 67 credits
- Command: COPY <vial one> DESIGN TO <vial> <vial> ...
- This item will set the description all vials listed after DESIGN TO to match the description on vial one. It can be used on up to five other vials. This is a one use item.
- Note: Original and subsequent vials must all be artifact.

Mini chess board: 100 credits
- A portable chess board you can pack up and take anywhere! Just PICK it up to take it, or DROP it to start the fun.

Miniature Generator: 100 credits.
- This little generator can be carried with you wherever you go, and any corpses placed into it will act as though placed in your city or council's generator. Note: if your city or council does not currently have a generator, this artifact will not work.

Money Pouch: 100 credits
- Only holds gold, only you can take it out, not forceable.

Monocle of Acuity: 267 credits
- You will not use equilibrium when using the glance or observe skills.
- If you do not have the observe skill, it will give it to you.

Moss Agate Runestone: 250 Credits
- This runestone never decays, and allows you to sketch 4 runes upon its surface.

Mutating Dagger: 50 credits
- Allows you to reincarnate once.
- You can ONLY change your statpack with this item. (It will NOT change your race)
- Stand in Aryana's Spring and REINCARNATE INTO <statpack> <current race> WITH MUTATING.
- The dagger is destroyed upon sacrificing yourself.
- Compare with the Dagger of Reincarnation.

Neelamic Reservoir: 100 Credits
- Holding this gem in your inventory will increase your reserve regeneration by 33%