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24.9 Vanity Pets

You may find yourself with a cute new pet! The next question you will ask is, what can I do with it?

Your "Vanity pets" will respond to most, if not all, of the following:

- Dropped
- Picked up
- Pet
- Poke
- Giggle
- Eye
- Frown
- Boo!
- Smile
- Laugh
- Tap
- Prod
- Turned
- Pushed

Some of the pets will have some fun things they do periodically while on the ground, so look out to see what your pet enjoys!

Additional Commands
List vanity pets you own, and where they are.

Bring a hidden vanity pets out of the ether, and into your hands.

Bring all hidden familiars out of the ether, and into your hands.

Hide your vanity pets in the ether.

Hide all of your familiars in the ether.

Leash your vanity pet to this room. You must have the artifact leash to do this.

Unleash your vanity pet and put it back into you inventory.

The following is a list of pets available:

- an ant farm
- a hamster in a glass sphere
- a mesh butterfly pavilion
- a gilded gourd with a singing cricket
- a gangly golden cria
- a tiny crocodile
- a fluffy white bunny
- a fuzzy penguin fledgling
- an inquisitive little joey
- a madcap gator hatchling
- a skeletal humgii
- a golden tiger cub
- a baby phoenix
- a miniature alabaster pegasus
- a fluffy cream coloured corgi pup
- a snow white ermine
- a shiny green scarab beetle
- a miniature black mouse
- a tiny red bat
- a pretty pink piglet
- a goldfish in a glass bowl
- a jar of maggots
- an animated pumpkin
- a young turkey with bronze and black feathers
- a tiny reindeer festooned with bells
- a miniature snowman in a striped scarf
- a small baby bat
- a gangly piebald moose fawn
- a vivacious chocolate-brown goat kid
- a fire-bellied salamander
- a star-marked firefly
- an onyx black moth
- an emerald dragonfly
- a playful tiger cub
- a dainty luna moth
- a narwhal floating in a bubble 
- an adorable pink panda with a ribbon collar
- a sinuous iridescent sea serpent 
- a bell-collared pronghorn antelope 
- a web-winged sable bat
- a small water-slick otter
- a black and tan seal pup

You can trade your vanity pets one time using the PROMO TRADE <item> to <person> command.