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Imperian has hundreds of help files to help you learn more about the game and how to play.

- Imperian's Help Files

Throughout Imperian's help files, you will often see things written in all capital letters - these act as examples for the syntax that you will use. When using these commands yourself, you do not need to use capital letters. Sometimes, you will see things written between angular brackets (< >). You do not need to include the brackets when entering your command.

In order to list the contents of a section, type HELP <section number>. When you wish to read a file listed within a section, type HELP <file name> or HELP <file number>.

1)  Introduction                 13) The Principles of Battle
2)  Basic Commands               14) Quests
3)  Communication                15) Policies
4)  Your Character               16) Imperian History
5)  Character Skills             17) Events and Special Activities
6)  Specifics of Imperian        18) Miscellaneous
7)  Items and Mobiles            19) Out-Of-Character Miscellaneous
8)  Guilds                       20) Crafting
9)  Circles and Professions      21) Clans
10) Cities and Councils          22) Housing Index
11) Religion in Imperian         23) Conflict Systems
12) Geography                    24) Credits and Artifacts

If you are a newbie and haven't done so, reading HELP BASICS will be of value to you.

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