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24.5.2 Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune is a special promotion with special prizes for players.

Players can spin the wheel in one of two ways. When the promotion is running, players can spin the wheel once per day, after 60 minutes of play time, for free. All players have a chance to win a 500 credit grand prize. 

At times characters can get additional spins when purchasing credits from the website.

- Spin the wheel and wait for the prizes.

- See how many spins you have left and how long until the next big prize.

- If the paid spin option is running, you can purchase additional spins for credits using this command. This is not always available. 

Website Spin Prizes
Every spin will get:
- Card from the Deck of Daegal Vonner (HELP DECK)

And two more random items from the following list:
- Card from the Deck of Daegal Vonner (HELP DECK)
- From 25 to 1000 credits. 
- Bottle of Hot Air (HELP PROMOTIONS)
- Scepter Gems (HELP SCEPTER)
- Dictators Pen (HELP PROMOTIONS)
- Circumferentor (HELP PROMOTIONS)
- Crystal pendulum (HELP PROMOTIONS)
- Slippery Cloak (HELP PROMOTIONS)
- Crooked Eyeglass (HELP PROMOTIONS)
- Tombstone of Life (HELP PROMOTIONS)
- Squirt bottle (HELP PROMOTIONS)
- Allegiance Pin (HELP PROMOTIONS)
- Chaotic Crystal (HELP PROMOTIONS)
- Oblong Transmitter (HELP PROMOTIONS)
- Phantom Beacon (HELP PROMOTIONS)
- Dispersing Charm (HELP PROMOTIONS)
- Gladiator Ticket (HELP GLADIATORS)
- Ancestral Stone (HELP ANCESTRAL STONE)
- Random Earring (HELP EARRINGS)
- Glowing Soulgem
- Glass Cutting Tool (HELP GIFTBAGS)
- Accountants Book (HELP GIFTBAGS)
- Racial Stone (HELP GIFTBAGS)
- Divination Crystal (HELP GIFTBAGS)
- Fishing Charm (HELP GIFTBAGS)

Credit Purchased and Free Daily Spins
Every spin will receive:
- one random assembly piece.

In addition, each spin will get one of the following:

- From 50 to 250 credits. 
- Random Earring (HELP EARRINGS)
- Oblong Transmitter (HELP PROMOTIONS)
- Phantom Beacon (HELP PROMOTIONS)
- Dispersing Charm (HELP PROMOTIONS)
- Glacial Bomb (HELP PROMOTIONS)
- Holocaust Bomb (HELP PROMOTIONS)
- Taming Certificate (HELP PROMOTIONS)
- 3 SpiritSense Leaves (HELP PROMOTIONS)
- 3 BlueStar Leaves (HELP PROMOTIONS)
- 3 CorpseBlood Leaves (HELP PROMOTIONS)
- Scepter Gems (HELP SCEPTER)
- Ethereal Boots (HELP PROMOTIONS)
- Ethereal Cloak (HELP PROMOTIONS)
- Ethereal Pellet (HELP PROMOTIONS)
- Ethereal Nosering (HELP PROMOTIONS)
- Ethereal Ring (HELP PROMOTIONS)
- Ethereal Rope (HELP PROMOTIONS)
- Ethereal Mirror (HELP PROMOTIONS)
- Ethereal Shackles (HELP PROMOTIONS)
- Ethereal Chain (HELP PROMOTIONS)
- Treasure Maps (HELP TREASURE MAPS)
- Card from the Deck of Daegal Vonner (HELP DECK)

Grand Prize
In addition, there is a grand prize of 500 credits that can be won via free spins. A counter is displayed every time you spin the wheel. When that global counter reaches zero, that player will win 500 credits and the counter will reset. The more people spin, the more people will win the 500 credits.

Wheel Locations
Antioch: Antioch Shuk.
Caanae: A destroyed tenements.
Celidon: The Celidon Threshold.
Ithaqua: A junction of Wendigo catwalk.
Kinsarmar: Kinsarmar Crossroads.
Khandava: Lyria's Grotto.