Game Help

Imperian has hundreds of help files to help you learn more about the game and how to play.

7 Items and Mobiles

7.1  Mobiles           General information about dealing with mobiles.
 7.2  Money             The basics of making money.
   7.2.1  Gold           The syntax for interacting with gold.

7.3  Loyalty           Read about making mobiles loyal to you.
7.4 Loyal reactions    Teach your loyal to be special.
7.5  Doors             How to interact with doors.
7.6  Locks             How to interact with locks.
7.7  Keys              Keys and how to copy them.
7.8  Buckets           Water or blood? Fill 'em up.
7.9  Quest Items       Read how quest items differ from normal items.
7.10 Throwing          Learn how to throw things at or to people.

7.11 Clothing          Information about clothes in Imperian.
  7.11.1 Outfits        Group your clothing into quick change outfits.
  7.11.2 Attires        Set custom attires for your worn items.

7.12 The Rift          A personal, trans-dimensional storage place.
  7.12.1 Rift Capacity  Information about the limits of rift storage.

7.13 Grouping Items    Some items can be 'grouped' and treated as one.
7.14 Pocketbelts       An outdated systems to store plants.
7.15 Inks              Inks, Tattoos, Runelore, and Reverie.
7.15 Rythanis          The friendly filler of vials and elixirs.
7.17 Vials and Flasks  How to keep your elixirs, salves, and toxins.
7.18 Liquid Rifts      How to keep large amounts of elixirs, salves, and toxins.

7.19 Pets              Tame your own furry friends.
  7.19.1 Pet reactions  Teach your pet to react in a unique manner!