Player vs Player Combat

Do you have what it takes to survive in Imperian?

Obelisks and Shardfalls

The center of the planet is known as the Core. This core is a massive crystal, around which pools a massive power source known as Diachaim. Through seismic instabilities, focussed around the volcano near Lake Yhumara, shards of power are often released onto the surface of the planet.

These shardfalls become a central focus of conflict, players fighting over the collection of the shards, which are used to power several city defenses and allow for the raiding of other cities.

Other shards are used to catch other characters in special arenas or destroy holy shrines. Some shards offer special, unique defenses and only a single players can own them at a time.


Raiding Player Cities

Player run cities in Imperian can be raided and key city objectives can be captured and returned to your home city. Not only does your city have bragging rights for capturing these objectives, but most offer some type of combat or strategic advantage over the other city.

Cities can opt to hold on to these objectives until they are recaptured, or they can attempt to force other organizations to pay a ransom for their return.

Raiding objectives not only offer a way for cities to conduct war against each other, but they open up opportunities for leaders of cities to negotiate trade and peace treaties with each other.


Champions of mortalkind were discovered at the end of the Third Age, and were crucial in defending the world against the marauding armies of the Horde, Demons, and Undead. These Champions still exist, even in the Fourth Age, and continue to fight amongst themselves and prove their strength to the world.
A person may become a Champion by being sacrificed at his or her cult or sect altar, or at the ancient altar buried under the Shaahri desert. Additionally, a member of a cult or sect with an attached entity needs to be present to perform the ritual. If a cult/sect altar is used, the sacrificer and the target both need to belong to that cult/sect.
Champions are open to free PK from other players, but they benefit from double experience points. Do you have what it takes to be a champion in Imperian?
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Holy Relics and Shrines

Relics are powerful items that are placed in shrines. Shrines protect the relic and in turn, they grant powerful abilities to the shrines. Relics can be found by killing powerful or boss creatures in the realms. Some relics can be found on multiple creatures, some can only be found on a single specific one. Relics drops are also rare, and most of the time, they will not always drop. It may take several attempts to get the relic you are searching for.

Shrines can hold up to 3 relics each. All relics come with differing powers. You can choose to power your shrine with 3 relics with different powers or you can use relics that all have the same power, in order to give a more powerful effect. You cannot put two identical items into a shrine. For example, you cannot put two sceptres into a single shrine, even if they have different powers.

Players may sanctify and defile the various shrines about the land, creates a powerful focal point for player combat, as they protect and attach the shrines of their holy sects.

Aspects and Monoliths

Mortals who have shown their perseverance and dedication to increasing their experience in Aetherius and have reached the 100th level are given the ability to take on the Aspect of one of the powerful moons. The mantle of an Aspect allows one to imbue monoliths scattered throughout the plane with the essence of their Aspect. Controlling these monoliths grants special powers to all those who have taken on the Aspect of that moon.

When an Aspect is slain (no matter how they are slain, be it by another player or a beast) while in control of any monoliths, they will lose control of those monoliths but they will not lose their status as an Aspect.

The link between an Aspect and the monoliths is one that must be carefully defended, as any other Aspect, at any time, may attempt to sever that link, and take control of that monolith in return.