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24.16 Immortal Phylacteries

When a Celani passes from this world, its origin and destination are frequently unknown. Occasionally, some remnant of the being's existence can be left behind in an Immortal Phylactery which takes the form of a plain, golden box.

When opened, these boxes can contain wondrous treasures, ranging from credits, soulstones, atlas pages, tokens, artifact vials, flasks, tattoo tokens, various artifacts, and familiars. You may also find a piece of a major artifact. You can find more information about that below.

These phylacteries are offered to our Iron Elite members, as well as infrequently during monthly promotions.

- Open a phylactery to see what wonderful treasures are in store for you!

Here is a current list of possible prizes:

Items added this Feb 2018:
- a flask of thrice blessed water 
- a golden triangle of fortune 
- a black cats tail 
- a balm of emboldening
- a broken mirror shard
- a shell of lethargy
- a scatter bomb
- a splintered looking glass 
- a ragged scarecrow
- an alluring gem
- a crystal apple (HELP APPLES)
- mystical beans (HELP BEANS)

Other items
- Collar of Gazali 
- Veil of Obtenebrate
- a pair of Ogre's Gauntlets 
- a Sash of Wisdom  
- Boots of Dexterity  
- a Girdle of Aesir  
- Seraphim angel wings
- a Sash of Malkav 
- Ethereal Boots  
- Quicksilver amulet
- a golden band of Baar
- an Illuminas ring
- a Girdle of the Titans 
- Diadem of the quickening
- Gem of transmutation
- blood pendant
- diamond bracelets 
- steelweave surcoat
- a pair of Ogre's Gauntlets  
- a hunter's belt 
- a Scholar's Sash  
- Pixies' Boots  
- silver bracelets 
- renascent armguards
- gloves of harvesting
- silver weave pack
- inkpot 
- Neelamic reservoir
- anklet of dashing
- Dagger of Reincarnation
- silver weave pack
- offering gem
- a headshrinker's kit
- dice
- landmark slot
- clanslot
- eyeball spoon
- a glass of aura magnification
- soulstone
- Gladiator Tickets
- 5 to 100 credits
- Artifact Fragments (See HELP FRAGMENTS)
- Gold