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2.6.1 Attacking

There are many abilities that allow you to attack both other players and NPCs. The "attack", "kill" and "fight" commands - which all have the same effect - will choose an attack for you based on your Profession, learned abilities and wielded items.

The attacks are chosen using the following logic, and generally check that you have enough mana if it requires it.

All professions:
- Scepter Point if you are wielding a Scepter. (See HELP SCEPTER)

Amazon and Ranger:
 - Tipslash if you have learned Tipslash in Warding.
 - Quickjab if you have learned Quickjab in Warding.

Assassin and Renegade
 - Garrote if you have learned Garrote in Sabotage.

 - Hum Shaite Rubait if you have lelearned arned Zimzum in Voice.
 - Chant Shaite Rubait if you have Shaite in Voice.
 - Chant Rubait if you have not learned Shaite in Voice.

 - Combo Slam Shout if you have learned Slam in Maiming.
 - Combo Slash Shout if you have not learned Slam in Maiming.

Deathknight, Runeguard and Templar
 - A double slash combo if you have learned Slash in Weaponmastery.
 - A double thrust combo if you have not learned Slash in Weaponmastery.

 - Ravage in Torment.

 - Trace Fire Ice if you have learned Duality in Ritualism.
 - Trace Fire if you have not.

 - Quarterstaff Stab if you have learned Sharpen in Evocation
 - Quarterstaff Btter if you have not.

 - Bayonet, if you have attached a Bayonet to your gun.
 - Singe, if you are wielding a Belcher.
 - Pistolwhip, if you have neither.

 - Claw, if you have learned Claw ability in Shapeshifting.

 - Cast bloodboil batter if you have learned Batter in Terratheria.
 - Cast bloodboil if you have not.

 - If you have chosen the Pugilist Specialisation, it will use an Uppercut combo.
 - If you have chosen the Kickboxer Specialisation, it will use a Sidekick combo.
 - If you have not chosen a specialisation, it will combo a Sidekick with two Uppercuts.

 - If your stance is Laesan, it will change stance to Vae-sant and then use a Lateral Combo.
 - If your stance is Ein-Fasit it will use a Vertical Combo.
 - If your stance is Gyanis it will use a double Lateral Combo.
 - Otherwise it will use a Lateral Combo.

      Combo    | Attacks
      Lateral  | Lateral Vertical Lateral Vertial
      Vertical | Vertical Lateral Vertical Lateral
      Double   | Lateral Lateral Vertical Lateral
      ** Note: The third attack in a combo is only used if you
         have the Triplet ability in Knifeplay
      ** Note: The fourth attack in a combo  is only used if
         Bladesurge has been activated.

 - Smite in Fayth.

 - Swiftcurse bleed if you have learned Swiftcurse in Curse.
 - Curse bleed if you have not.

 - Combustion in Noctu.

If it has failed to select an attack, it will use Kick.