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24.8 Mystical Beans

Mystical beans are earned through credit purchases while Imperian is running the bean promotion. The bean promotion was last offered in March of 2013.

When you eat a mystical bean, you are given both a buff and a debuff that last for one hour.


 BEAN LIST [ACTIVE] [<search term>]
   - See a list of the beans you currently possess.
   - Appending "ACTIVE" allows you to only see the beans that you have eaten.
   - You can also search through your beans for beans buffs/debuffs that match a certain word.

 BEAN EAT <bean #>
   - Eat a bean.

 BEAN TRADE <bean #> TO <person>
   - Give a bean to another player.

 BEAN SHAKE <bean 1> <bean 2> <bean 3>
   - Destroy three beans and create one new random bean.

Bean Buffs/Debuffs

 - Increased/decreased damage to mobs
 - Increased/decreased experience gain
 - Increased/decreased gold drops
 - Increased/decreased balance times
 - Increased/decreased equilibrium times
 - Increased/decreased elixir and herb balance times
 - Increased/decreased strength/dexterity/intelligence/constitution
 - Increased/decreased resistance to physical damage
 - Increased/decreased resistance to non-physical damage (except unblockable)
 - Chance to harvest double/half herbs
 - Chance to deliver double/half caravan materials
 - Increased/decreased chance for critical hits
 - Increased/decreased movements per second
 - Increased/decreased belief gain when sacrificing
 - Increased/decreased health/mana regen
 - Increased/decreased maximum health/mana
 - Increased/decreased fish weight
 - Veil of Obtenebrate effect (buff only).

Multiple buffs of the same type do not stack. If you have a bean that offers +2 strength and another bean that offers +1 strength, you will only end up with +2 strength. 

However, buffs and debuffs do stack, so if you have one bean that offers +3 strength, and another bean that punishes you with -1 strength, the end effect is that you will have +2 strength.