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24.3 Artifacts

Artifacts are special items that can be purchased only with credits. They will reset into your inventory on a very regular basis, which means that they cannot be loaned out for very long, but that they also cannot be stolen for very long. Some of them will only work for the owner. The majority of artifacts never decay, however, a handful are single use items and/or do decay. This will be noted in the artifact's description (ARTIFACT # SHOW). They cannot be changed to reset to anyone else's inventory, so do not buy artifacts of any kind if you intend to sell them.

The description of most items listed in the following files as well as corresponding non-artifacts can be altered at a rate of 50 credits per item.

To view a list of artifacts, use:

  ARTIFACT LIST [search string]

The search string is optional and lets you provide a specific subset of artifacts that you are looking for. For example, ARTIFACT LIST SWORD would list all sword type artifacts for sale. You may also search for one of the following tags: profession, misc, stat, skill, weapon, resists, defensive and offensive.

Additionally, you can search for the following professions: amazon, assassin, bard, berserker, deathknight, defiler, diabolist, druid, engineer, hunter, mage, monk, outrider, priest, ranger, renegade, runeguard, shaman, summoner and templar. Many of these tags may also be used via the HELP <tag> ARTIFACTS command.

  ARTIFACT LIST <maximum cost>

This will display all artifacts with a cost equal to, or less than, the number you enter.

  ARTIFACT LIST <minimum cost> <maximum cost>

This will list all artifacts with a cost between, or equal to, the two numbers you enter.

The artifact descriptions and prices can also be found in the following files:

24.3.1  Weapon Artifacts 
24.3.2  Special Weapon Artifacts
24.3.3  Defense Artifacts
24.3.4  Stat Artifacts
24.3.5  Misc Artifacts
24.3.6  Armour Artifacts
24.3.7  Transfers
24.3.8  Tradeins
24.3.9  Artifact Upgrades
24.3.10 Artifact Powers
24.3.11 Artifact Gifts
24.3.12 Customisation
24.3.12 Custom Messages

Purchasing an artifact

To purchase an artifact, first do

  ARTIFACT PURCHASE <artifact #>

The number to use for this command is the artifact number shown on the left in the list of artifacts. This command will allow you to verify that you're purchasing the correct artifact and for the correct number of credits. To confirm and finalise your purchase do:


Additional actions are available:

     - shows you a list of all your artifacts and their current location.
     - recalls all your artifacts back into your inventory. Flasks on shelves and Chests of the Continuum will not be recalled.
     - recalls one particular artifact back into your inventory. This also works on flasks and Chests of the Continuum.
     - In the case of non weapon artifacts, this will show a brief summary of the artifact's effects.

     - This command allows you to configure customized messages for various artifacts.
      - This command lists, sets, and shows whether a particular artifact will display its worn description and/or power to other players via look and artifactlist. Works only for artifacts that you own and have in your inventory.
  ARTIFACT RESET <item #> <1-120> 
      - Set the time before the artifact returns to you.