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24.15 Familiar Pets

Many Celani have existed in the millennium of history since the creation. Little is known about these enigmatic and powerful beings, save some indications that they existed to serve the Gods.

Some Celani persist in service, but others disappear, never to walk the mortal planes. The comings and goings of these immortal servants remain a mystery, but sometimes, some Celani leaves a piece of itself behind.

These pieces contain a memory of the service that the Celani performed and are able to take the form of sentient beings that will serve the heroes that release them. Known as familiars, these entities can be commanded.

Familiars are not hardy creatures. When they are attacked, they will automatically return to your inventory. If they attempt to move at all in territory to which you are enemied or unwanted, they will automatically return to your inventory.


  - See a list of the familiars that you can control.

  - Cause a familiar that is hiding in the ether to reveal itself and
    move into your inventory. You may also FAMILIAR ALL EMERGE to emerge all of your familiars at once

 FAMILIAR <familiar> HIDE
  - Cause a familiar, wherever it is, to retreat to the ether and
    remove itself from the mortal plane. You may also FAMILIAR ALL HIDE to hide all of your familiars at once.

 FAMILIAR <familiar> MOVE <dir>
  - Order a familiar to walk in a specific direction.

 FAMILIAR <familiar> SAY <text>
  - Order your familiar to say something in the room it is in.

 FAMILIAR <familiar> EMOTE <built-in emote>
  - Order your familiar to perform an emote (such as laugh, cry, etc).

 FAMILIAR <familiar> EMOTE EMOTE <text>
  - Order your familiar to perform a custom emote.

You can also interact with your familiars using the PROMOTIONS system. This includes the ability to sell and trade away your familiars, if you so wish. You can read more specifics (including the commands to use) in HELP PROMOTIONS and HELP PROMOTIONS MARKET.
A few special notes:
  - Each familiar can only ever be traded one time. Once the familiar
    has been traded to a new owner, it will forever be bound to that new
    owner. This includes sales on the promotions market.

Battling with your familiar can also be very rewarding! To challenge another player to a familiar battle these commands are vital:


The battles are semi random, but you can semi direct the action by telling them where to attack and counter.

If a familiar loses a battle, it cannot be used again for an hour.