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24.20 Cairns

Cairns are special questing items. Players with cairn stones can create a cairn. Cairns can be sanctified or defiled by a character once per game day (once per hour). Several different characters can sanctify a cairn on the same game day. When first created a cairn is worth a base amount of quest experience. Over time, the cairn will become worth more and more quest xp as it is sanctified or defiled. After a set period of time (depending on the type of cairn), the cairn can be razed and the owner will collect all of the quest xp the cairn is worth.

Cairn stones are one use items.

Color       Time        Base Worth   
Grey        4 hours      1,500,000
Cobalt      8 hours      2,000,000
Amber       24 hours     5,000,000
Onyx        3 days      12,500,000
Crimson     7 days      25,000,000


If you have a cairn stone and 50 stone comms you can build a cairn. The cairn is owned by the player who builds it, and can only be razed by the player who builds it.

Any player can sanctify a cairn. Sanctifying a cairn does two things. One, the overall experience worth of the cairn is increased. Two, the player doing the sanctifying will instantly earn experience. In addition, the player who owns the cairn will have 50,000 xp added to the cairn. The amount of xp the player earns from sanctifying is 500 times the number of times the cairn has been sanctified. Thus a cairn that has been sanctified 100 times will be worth 50,000 xp to the player sanctifying. This number decreases, however, with the number of times the player has sanctified or defiled cairns recently. For each cairn sanctified or defiled the amount received from sanctifying or defiling goes down by 5%. So if a player sanctifies 10 cairns, he or she will receive 10 * 5 = 50% less experience than expected. There is a minimum of 10%, so you will always receive at least 10% of the normal experience. Note that all experience gained or lost will be broken into two parts. First you will receive about 10% of your gained experience as quest experience, and then you will separately receive about 90% of your gained experience as total, non-specific experience.

Any player can defile a cairn. Defiling a cairn does three things. One, the overall experience worth of the cairn is increased, but much less than sanctifying it. Two, the player doing the defiling will earn twice the amount of quest experience than if they had sanctified the cairn. Three, the owner of the cairn is notified. Defiling someones cairn is considered a hostile action and may result in someone trying to kill you. Please see the note in sanctifying about the diminishing returns from sanctifying or defiling cairns.

After the cairn has reached its time limit the player can raze it. Once razed, the cairn is destroyed and the player receives the total worth of quest experience. 

Cairns that expire after a shorter period of time are generally worth more per hour, if you assume that they will all be sanctified at the same rate, but the same amount of people. However, in the long run the larger cairns will be worth a larger bulk amount. 

The end worth of the cairn will be based on how much work you put into it, and how much you get others to help. Keep in mind that this does not include the instant experience you will get when a player sanctifies or defiles the cairn. Thus, there are several strategies for how to optimize the results of your cairn. 

Suggested Levels
Keep in mind that you can only gain one overall level at a time, so certain stones can possibly be overkill for your character and result in XP that is wasted. Here is a basic guide for the best type of stone for you, based on your overall level. 

Remember! Although you can only earn one overall level from a large chunk of XP, you can still earn multiple questing levels at a time.

Grey: Level 50
Cobalt: Level 70  
Amber: Level 75
Onyx: Level 80
Crimson: Level 90