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24.3.16 The Lost Tomes of Albashir

The Lost Tomes were written by a knowledgeable archivist by the name of Albashir. He was a scholar that studied the Diachaim in ancient Antioch. In each tome, he laid out powerful secrets that allow individuals to focus the powers of the Diachaim through the books themselves. Following the directions, performing the rituals, and reciting the words outlined within the ancient pages can create powerful effects.

Currently, seven tomes are known to exist.

The tomes have lost pages over time. Recovered pages can be added to the appropriate tomes and will increase their effectiveness.

How to find Lost Pages
The Lich Silantor has enlisted several couriers to locate the lost pages. In order to locate these couriers, you must find a divining rod which will help you find the spirit. One you have the rod, use the command DIVINE SPIRITS to begin your search. 

Most couriers will be carrying a scroll with a possible location for the tome page. Find that room and DIG to see if a page has been hidden here. Tome pages are exceedingly rare, so good luck!

If for some reason your rod is directing to a location you do not want to go to or cannot find, you can reset it with the command DIVINE RESET.

Tome Levels
if you have found a page or purchased one from another player, use the command ADD <page> TO <tome>. The number of pages rebound into a Tome will increase its potency.

 0 = Level One Tome
 10 = Level Two Tome
 20 = Level Three Tome
 30 = Level Four Tome
 40 = Level Five Tome
 50 = Level Six Tome
 60 = Level Seven Tome
 70 = Level Eight Tome
 80 = Level Nine Tome
 100 = Level Ten Tome

Tome of the Bronze Shield: 750 credits
Usage: READ FROM <tome>
Read this tome at any time to stop all damage (not afflictions) from occurring to you for 15 seconds. This item has a 60-minute cooldown. This does not keep other skills or afflictions from affecting you, it will only stop all forms of damage from occurring. Additional one-second duration added for every level of the tome. The effects of this tome will fade upon an aggressive act.

Tome of the Diachaim: 350 credits
Usage: READ FROM <tome>
Reading this tome has given you foreknowledge of movements in the Diachaim. You can sense shardfalls before they happen by one full minute. Additional 5 seconds for every level of lost pages added to the tome. Reading this tome instills a defence that will last until you logout. This tome does not have a cooldown.

Tome of the Black Widow: 750 credits
Usage: READ FROM <tome>
       CUT WEB <dir>
Upon reading this, black spiders spill out of the tome, filling the room, and sealing all of the exits with their sticky webs. Attempting to walk through one of the exits will trap the character in a web and they must WRITHE to get free. 

Exits can be cleared with the command, CUT WEB <dir>. The spiders will remain for 30 seconds and will reweb any exits that have been walked through or are cleared every few seconds. Additional levels of the tome will increase the duration of the spiders by 10 seconds. There is a 60 minute cooldown.

Tome of the Holy Martyr: 600 credits
Usage: READ FROM <tome>
       FOLLOW <name>
Reading this tome will fill the character with inspiration and they will become a beacon of leadership. All mutual allies will be able to FOLLOW <player> from outside of the room and will instantly teleport to the character. Normal teleportation blockers, like monoliths, will nullify the movement. The tome effects will last for 60 seconds with an additional 10 seconds added for each level of the tome. There is a 60 minute cooldown.

Tome of the Fell One: 750 credits
Usage: READ FROM <tome>
Upon reading this tome your movement will be completely masked by all forms of observation. Not only are your enter, exit, and general room messages suppressed, but movement tracking skills such as alertness will not function against you. This effect will last for 5 minutes and can be used once every 60 minutes. Additional levels of the tome will add an additional 30 seconds to the duration.

As an additional, passive effect, other characters cannot target you with emotes while the tome is in your inventory and active. You can TOGGLE <tome> to turn this option on and off. Putting your tome in a container in your inventory, such as a pack or bag, will also pause this function if active.

Tome of the Rashirmir: 1000 credits
Usage: READ FROM <tome>
       CLIMB INTO <tome>
       ENTER <portal> 
       GET <tome>
       FORM ROOM <direction>
Reading this ancient work will open a portal to a pocket of nebulous space within the Rashirmir. In order to enter the portal, you must leave the tome laying on the ground. Players can CLIMB INTO <tome> to enter this unique spacial area. Use the command ENTER <portal> to leave. Anything you leave in this space will be here when you return. All players can enter the tome, so be careful where you open it. If you logout while in the space, you will have about 5 minutes before the tome is closed. 

The tome can only be picked up by the owner. If the tome is picked up the portal will be closed. When the portal is closed, everyone is removed from the room and will teleport to the room the Tome was originally read in. 

This special area will increase in room size based on the level of your tome. There is no cooldown on this item.

Tome of the Unborn (Giftbag Item)
Usage: READ FROM <tome>
       NAMECHECK <name>

Note: This tome is not currently available.

READ FROM <tome> to form a new character. This character will be the same level as the character reading the tome, up to a max of level 100. You will enter a special creation process where you will select race, statpack, starting profession and age ranging from 18 to 30. You cannot have been in combat recently and there is a 60 second channel time. The Tome can only be used once every 24 hours. In addition to any lessons and bound credits normally learned from gaining the levels, new characters will receive 25 bound credits per tome level. This means a character created from a level 10 tome will receive an addition 250 bound credits.

You can use the command NAMECHECK <name> before using the tome to make sure a new character name can be used.