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24.1.4 Organisational Credits

Whenever a member of a city, council, or guild makes a credit purchase, the organisation receives extra 5% of the purchase (these are extra credits, the purchaser still receives the full amount). These organisations can them make use of these credits as they see fit.

Only the organisational leaders, or players with the "credits" privilege, may access these credits.

- CITY/GUILD CREDITS displays the current balance of the credit account. 

- CITY/GUILD CREDITS TRANSFER <amount> TO <player> <BOUND|UNBOUND> [reason] allows you to transfer credits to a player, who must be in your city or guild

Credits can be transferred as unbound or as bound, at your choice. If transferring as bound, the receiving player will also receive the lesson conversion bonus, if applicable.

Any member of the organization may donate credits to the organization's credit account:


All credit transactions are recorded in the main city/guild log.

The use of the organisational credits is up to the individual cities and guilds, and the game administration generally does not impose any restrictions or oversight.