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24.3.2 Special Weapon Artifacts

Special Weapons

Bracers of Frost: 500 credits
   - Allows you to 1) Cover the ground in ice. 2) Freeze an opponent.
     3) Deepfreeze everybody in the room.
     ('freeze ground', 'freeze <player>', 'cast deepfreeze')

Bracers of the Wyrm: 500 credits
   - Increase damage done by Wyrmriding cold attacks by 15%.
   - Attacks increased: icecoat, iceblast, bloodfreeze, and deluge.

Boomerangs: 350 credits
   - Throw these at someone in your line of sight (up to 10 rooms 
     away) and the boomerang will try to bring your target to you.

   - These increase damage done to opponents from abilities that are
     based on intelligence. For instance, even if a spell did cold 
     damage, these would increase the damage done, as the spell is of
     the intellect variety. If you'd like to know if one of your
     specific abilities will be increased by one of these collars,
     send Dec a message and he will be happy to help you.

       Collar of Pyralis:    400  credits (+10% damage)
       Collar of Diablerie:  800  credits (+15% damage)
       Collar of Gazali:    1600  credits (+20% damage)

Critical Hit Pendants
  These pendants allow you to get extra critical hits when bashing. 
  By way of comparison, a level 50 person will get a critical hit 
  about 1.6% of the time. A level 65 person will get a critical hit 
  about 6.4% of the time, and a level 80 person will get a critical 
  hit about 16.6% of the time.

      Fire pendant    :  200 credits An extra 2/100 critical hits.
      Blood pendant   :  500 credits An extra 4/100 critical hits.
      Stygian pendant : 1200 credits An extra 6/100 critical hits.

   - These dartsheaths will increase the base accuracy and speed of 
     darts. Base accuracy is then subject to a number of modifiers 
     based on the status of the attacker and the target.

Stealth dartsheath: 200 credits (Raises speed by 8%, accuracy by 10%)
Icewyrm dartsheath: 400 credits (Raises speed by 15%, accuracy by 18%)
Phantom's Haste:    800 credits (Raises speed by 22%, accuracy by 25%)

   - The increase damage done by Evocation abilities. They provide a 
     straight damage increase but do not have increased weapon stats. 
     They are also sharpened by default.

       a polished ebony quarterstaff:         350  cr (+10% damage)
       an elegant mahogany quarterstaff:      700  cr (+15% damage)
       a hardened quarterstaff of the Wilds: 1400  cr (+20% damage)

Scorpion's Tail: 400 credits
   - Wear it and then you may sting people with your tail, delivering 
     the Formaldehyde toxin (which hits the person with a random 

Silver Statuette of a Basilisk: 600 credits
   - Increases damage of basilisk actions by 20%.
   - Attacks increased: lash, lacerate, and brainmelt

Stone Totem: 350 credits
   - Totem with eight slots.

Taekate belts: (to increase Taekate punch and kick damage)
      a bronze Taekate belt :  400 credits  +10% damage
      a gold Taekate belt   :  800 credits  +15% damage
      a black Taekate belt  : 1600 credits  +20% damage

Torc of Malkav: 700 credits
   - Lets you use mind numbness and mind stupidity on people.

Whip of Taming: 400 credits
   - Gives someone the pacification affliction when hit.