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24.1.2 Daily Credits

Completing specific tasks in-game will earn your character up to 20 BOUND credits per day. The number of earned credits will slowly decrease as you complete tasks. Once per day you will earn a 5 credit reward, 4 credit reward, 3 credit reward, and so on until you've earned 20 credits. 

Rewards will reset every day at midnight GMT. 

Use the command DAILYCREDITS for a summary of how many you have earned and from what sources for the day.

Your character will earn these credits by completing the following tasks:

- Defeating mobiles in combat.
- Completing a spawnwave area. You can only earn this reward once per area, per day. (HELP DOUBLOONS)

- Killing a boss mob. This currently only includes the true bosses. You can only earn this reward once per boss, per day. However, all characters attacking the mob will receive credit for the kill.

- Completing some specific in-game quests. (Full list coming)

- Every hour you're a champion and not in a safe city, towne, or house. Your character must be online. (HELP CHAMPIONS)

- Every 12 hours of monolith control time your character has. This is cumulative. The more monoliths you control, the faster you will earn credits from monolith control. For example, controlling two monoliths will reward your character every 6 hours. Do NOT have to be online. (HELP MONOLITHS)

- Successfully using the PLUNDER command on any number of caravans, at least 20 times.

- Collecting 25% or more of the shards in a shardfall. (HELP SHARDFALLS)

- Changing the influence of a leyline. You can only earn this once per leyline, per day. (HELP LEYLINES)

- You can also earn credits and gold for improving and updating our help files with HELPEDIT.