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18.1 The calendar and time

The Imperian calendar as we know it was established sometime after the fall of
Caanae, although the years are numbered from the beginning of the latest age.

Use the DATE command to view the current date in the world of Imperian.

You can also convert between Imperian dates and OOC dates by the
following methods:

To convert from Imperian to OOC dates: DATE <day> <month> <year> 
Example: DATE 4 LETUM 604 

NOTE: At the time of writing, the ingame calendar has not been rendered past 321 AM (October 2023 in the Gregorian Calendar).

To convert from OOC to Imperian dates: DATE <month>/<day>/<year> <hour>
Example: DATE 12/12/2012 12

An Imperian day is approximately 1 real-life hour.

There are 12 months in a year, with each month having 25 days in it. The
months are as follows:

1) Letum      (mid-winter)                   7) Solis      (mid-summer)
2) Tenebrae   (late winter)                  8) Halitus    (late summer)
3) Vita       (early spring)                 9) Artificium (early autumn)
4) Fas        (mid-spring)                  10) Bellum     (mid-autumn)
5) Ferinus    (late spring)                 11) Aequitas   (late autumn)
6) Naturalis  (early summer)                12) Ultio      (early winter)