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24.12 Ancestral Chips

Ancestral chips are fragments of ancestral stones (HELP ANCESTRAL STONES). They operate a little different, and allow you to access individual race powers. They can be combined to make a complete ancestral stone should you choose.

- Every chip is associated with a race.

- Each chip can access those racial skills with the command RACECHIP SATURATE <chip> WITH BLOOD FOR <skill>.

- Activated powers will last 4 hours and have a cooldown of 12 hours.

- A character can activate up to 2 powers at once (any combination works), each on its own cooldown.

- Individual chips have 5 credit trade-in value. (HELP PROMO MARKET)

- 12 chips can be combined to create a full ancestral stone. RACECHIP UNIFY FOR <race>. Once you make a stone the chips will no longer exist. WARNING: When you combine it will randomly grab 12 chips from your inventory. Make sure to put any chips you do not want to lose into a pack or another object.