Professions and Classes

What path will you follow in the world of Imperian?



The Amazons are a powerful warrior caste of women. Known for their dedication to the bonds of sisterhood, these battle-hardened women have survived in modern times by their unparalleled mastery of the javelin and the bow, utilizing the skills of Trailblazing, Warding, and Bowmanship to battle and survive in the harsh wildernesses of Imperian.

Their style of life and martial combat were originally passed to them from the Alovyan Amazons, who were discovered residing in a remote village in  Sienna forest, in the year 415 AD of the Third Age. These original amazons the Amazons, long thought to be extinct, were found hiding within their hidden village where they could live and hunt freely without the perils of the outside world, or mindless males disturbing their lives.


In what would become known as the Infamous Night of Sabotage, a secretive man by the name of Insidian rose to power through his use of guile. With the aid of his followers he was able to kill off the rival Kinsarmarian group known as the Phantoms, and in the aftermath founded a guild built on trickery and deception in the year 1413 AA. And thus the Saboteurs were born.

Under the guidance of their leader, these silent assassins learned to excel and espionage; using toxins to poison their victims and darker magicks forbidden by most, their ruthlessness became renowned throughout the land

With no avenue is too dark for their studies, and no path forbidden, Assassins use the arts of Sabotage, Hypnosis, and Spatium to negotiate danger and intrigue in the dark corners of Imperian.



Born from the people's love of music, the first bards traveled far and wide, carrying tales of history and heroes, news and knowledge, entertaining and informing all with their songs, sketches, and performances. They varied from the Court Bard who sang of kings, to the traveling Troubadour who often sang for her supper.

Bards slowly found themselves discovering fragments of a lost song, each hearing a word or note, carrying exquisite harmony itself, yet incomplete. Pursuing these, they banded slowly together and discovered that they were hearing the Song of the World, sung at the time of the world's creation in the Ancient Tongue. Over time, these individuals noticed that the Language could alter reality itself, allowing them to weave mighty powers with their arts.

Embracing the arts of Voice, Thespia, and Artistry, they sought to maintain their traditions of spreading tales and songs, seeking out both new fragments, and new tales.


When observing the skillful and precise movement of a Berserker practicing his craft, people often forget that they are watching a fierce fighter and not a beautiful dancer. Indeed, the Berserkers were once known as Wardancers, deadly with both blade, shield, and foot, they were the most elegant of killers.

In the year 84 AM, the old Wardancers have made a breakthrough in their fighting style, combining the former techniques into the new skills of Maiming and Rampage, eschewing some of their dated abilities in the process. In doing so, they have also developed the skill of Warchants, and it was then they started calling themselves Berserkers.



Deathknights were born from the ranks of the Summoners. Dealers of death, they trained the arts of the blade while mastering the arts of death magick. These knights have been called to the art of war and have perfected the combination of magick and combat.

Deathknights train in three different disciplines. Weaponmastery, which is their main skill of battle, training them in the various arts of war. Brutality, in which they take on a bloodthirsty hound to assist them in their vicious ways. The art of death, Necromancy, rounds out their skill sets, allowing them to manipulate the magick around them in the most terrifying of ways.


Defilers combine the ferocity of nature with the cruelty of the demonic arts through the skills of Torment, Shadowbinding, and Desecration.

By using the energy from the moon of Terror, Sukhder, the talented Defiler will store and manipulate the "haze" in order to cloud themselves in shadows and mists. With this skill, a Defiler uses the haze to bind afflictions and mental hindrances to their victim, preparing them for the torture to follow.

Within Torment, Defilers will make use of an imbued wooden flail and every one of their abilities to wreak havoc upon the mind and bodies of their victims. Finding an ally in a demonic hound and happiness in using a victim's shadow to further harm their delicate mental and physical state.

Calling upon the Pit to allow trees and plants to grow within a demonic atmosphere, the skill of Desecration displays the result of such experimentation. As a seed grows, it becomes an infested tree, and useful when coupled with a twisted spore during a demonic ritual. If completely in control, Defilers can order their treants to implant in the most unnatural of locations - their opponent's body.



The Diabolist profession is a splinter group from the original Summoners who wished to focus on their demonic arts. Their experiments allowed them to create and sometimes control some very powerful beings known as demons. The results of these experiments created some of the most powerful beings in existence but drove the Malignists mad. Their madness, however, gave them a unique type of power which when combined with their Necromantic magicks made them for a time the most powerful of mortals.

The Diabolist focuses on three main skills. Malignosis, which allows them to summon and control different types of demons. Necromancy, or the art of death magick. Finally Evileye, which is their primary skill for attacking their enemies, afflicting them with a wide variety of maladies.


The original Druids were refugees who escaped from the sacked city of Caanae and fled into the Khandava forest. A true Druid understands all aspects of Nature from the wild animals
of the forest to the shifting sands of the desert. They have great pride in their ability to attack or defend with swift action due to their intimate attunement to the flora and fauna of Aetherius. They keep a watchful eye over their charge, patrolling and tending the lands they protect. A thorn in the sides of their enemy, a Druid is a force to be reckoned with when the well-being of Nature is at stake.

The skills used by Druids are those that involved the greatest knowledge and focus on their environment. In the powers of Evocation, a Druid learns how to call upon the power of weather how to master the quarterstaff. With Naturebinding, a Druid can link themselves to the great tree of the forest, and use them in battle. Finally, the skill of Pioneering allows them knowledge in how to survive in the wilderness of Imperian.



The Hunters are a sect of people who found discontent with the demands of urban life and longed for the more wild side of life. The Hunters are those who have found themselves best suited for a life of freedom, where they can move like the breath of the Wind. They have found that their shelter and love stems from the forests and hills of Imperian. They are the tradesmen of Nature, trapping and hunting to support their lifestyle.

The skill of Shapeshifting grants them the ability to transform into fearsome wyverns. Through the power of Supremacy, the Hunters can call upon the aid of the deadly basilisk to aid them in combat. And finally, they are gifted with the skill of Pioneering to supplement the often dangerous path that they embark on in their daily lives.


Mages harness and master the elementals through the powers of magick. Bending these forces to their will, they wreak havoc to their enemies and bring their own form of peace to the land.

With the skill of Pyroglacia, the Mage harnesses the raw powers of fire and water, using it to create bolts of flames and freezing spells to the powerful blasts of lava and rapidly flying icicles. With Terratheria Mages focus on the manipulation of air and earth. Finally with Crystalbinding, the Mage may focus upon manipulating the magickal energies found in crystals. This allows the Mages to enhance their elemental spells in various ways, as well as to conjure several types of magickal sigils and other items.



Those who take on the Monk profession choose the simple life. Seeking to master the mind, body, and spirit through the practice of the various physical routines known as forms. As the monk masters these forms they not only gain an improved state of physical fitness, but also a greater control of the mind and spirit.

This control is demonstrated through the skills of Taekate, Telepathy, and Kaido. In Taekate, the monk learns various fighting stances and ways to physically strike an opponent. With telepathy, the mind is used to perform various feats upon themselves and others. Kaido is a skill with which the practitioner may cause various physical defences to manifest and one may eventually use the force known as Kai to lash out at those seeking to harm the monk.


Outriders are a unique class of individuals, spending the vast majority of their time in the country. They hunt for their survival and hunt for those who selfishly prey on the land for their own gain. Mounted upon their mighty Icewyrm, they range the wilderness armed with the spear and bow in search of their purpose.

Most notably they are known for their proficiency in Wyrmriding and their ability to train this fierce creature to fight along side them in battle. However, the Outrider is also proficient in the skills of Trailblazing and Hunting. With Hunting they learn how to create and place traps, as well as befriend many animals in the forest with which they may call upon for aid. The skill of Trailblazing offers many abilities for those looking to survive in the wilderness.



The Predator profession is for the most bloodthirsty of people. They are masters of the wilds places of Imperian. Trained in the deadly arts of the sitara, they hunt their foes with the assistance of their wolf companions and with their deadly toxins.

The Predator are masters of three distinct skills; Beastmastery, Predation, and Knifeplay. Knifeplay is an art of combining the deadly sitara with precise footwork and hand motions to slice your foe into bloody pieces. The Beastmastery skillset allows the practitioner to call upon the denizens of the forest to aid them in their plans. Predation is the toolbox skill for the profession, giving a variety of abilities for survival, tracking, and killing.


Armed with their spiritual mace and accompanied by their holy seraph, the Priest calls upon the powers of the divine, using their powers to manipulate the Diachaim and seek judgement upon the unclean.

The Priest seeks to master of three skills: Fayth, Devotion, and Kanai. It is through their Fayth that they are able to master their holy mace and seraph, in order to bring judgement to the world of Imperian. Through Devotion they are able to create powerful rites and healings for themselves and others. With Kanai they are able to focus their fanaticism on their foes, attacking them with a variety of special attacks.



Armed with their deadly glaive and mighty bow, the Ranger travel about the woodlands of Imperian, protecting the wild places of the world from the encroachment of the cities and technology. Many who follow the ranger profession enjoy the hunt, and use their prey as intended. They despise those who hunt purely for pleasure and many who do find themselves stalked by the Ranger.

Rangers use the skill of Warding to become a master of close combat with the glaive. They use the skill of Bowmanship to attack their enemies, stalking them long range before hunting them down and slaughtering them. Finally, they have mastered the arts of Trailblazing, which gives them the survival skills needed to stay alive in the wild.


The Renegade is an assassin. Born in the cover of darkness, they instill fear in the shadows. Both rich and poor alike walk a step quicker as the night falls, in case someone has employed one of these professionals to enact revenge for a personal slight.

The Renegade is a master of the art of Sabotage, which allows them not only to move undetected, but also teaches them how to properly use their deadly blade. In the skills of Spatium, the practitioner learns how to create and travel through silent wormholes, spliced into space and time. Finally, the Renegade has also learned the skill of Hypnosis, which allows them to secretly fool the minds of their enemies while locked in combat.



Through the practice of Weaponmaster, the Runeguard learns the art of the blade. With Chivalry, they learn to care for their kestrel, and the knowledge of honourable combat. The armour and blades can then be enhanced and refined with the most mysterious and powerful of their skills, Runelore.

By crafting Runes with ink, the Runeguard can alter reality to match their will. With this skill they can create burning blades, magick proof armour, even the ability to resist death itself. The lore surrounding these arts are mysteries to but a few. It is a skill both to be respected and feared, for they make formidable allies and deadly enemies. Gifting you with both the protection and power of their arts, or freezing the very soul of their foes. To blacken the honour of a Runeguard is to invite death itself.


The Shaman is an ancient profession, existing in a simple tribal position from before the breaking of the moon. After the breaking, many of their skills began to display magickal properties. Their curses and bonecasting skills slowly started to wield real effects upon those they directed themselves at.

The Shaman learns a variety of different Curses, allowing one to curse their opponent with a variety of afflictions. An ancient art, Shamanism allows the use of both necromantic bonedust and demonic marks. Their final skill of Bonecasting has several abilities used in three ways - as bone runes on the ground, on a fetish, or directly on a Shaman.



The Summoner is one of the oldest known magick professions in the world. After the breaking of the moon and the release of magick upon the world, the ability to locate the Demon Lords on the Demonic plane and bind them to the will of Summoner. They could then command them to send demons to assist them.

In addition to the demonic skill of Enslavery, the Summoner has learned how to alter someone soul by manipulating their aura via the skill of Noctu. Finally, they have mastered the Tarot card and harnessed the powers of the deck. The cards have a variety of powers including the power to heal or to call upon death himself.


The Templar was first born as the bodyguards to the Priests. Elected to help guard them as the delivered their sermons to bring other to the salvation of the divine. Over time many of the Templar fashioned their own place in the world: calling the weak to repentance and bringing judgement to the proud and haughty.

The Templar train in the arts of three skills: Weaponmastery, Devotion, and Chivalry. Weaponmaster is their main skill, teaching them to deliver blows to their enemies in a variety of fashions. Devotion allows them to call upon mighty rites to heal or attack those around them. And finally Chivalry teaches them how to train their falcon and live by a code of honour.