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24.21 Immortality

Immortality: 10,000 credits

Immortality is a special package that will seal your infamy into the world forever through a permanent area in the game. Yes, it is very expensive, but this packages will take a considerable amount of time to custom build for you.

Basic Features
- 20 rooms.
- 5 general mobs.
- 3 unique, named mobs.
- Spawn waves. These use the general and named mobs as requested.
- 10 unique items such as signs or statues.
- 5 simple quests. 
- A small event releasing the area.
- A RETURN command to the area.
- A housing plot.

All of the rooms in the area will be flagged with environments and appropriate features as needed. This includes things such as hidden exits, doors, locks, etc.

Rooms will be made 'no teleport' if requested, however what is the point of immortality if no one can see it?

The rooms can belong to their own area if requested, but at least one must be accessible via normal travel. 

The rooms/area must fit the RP theme of the area they are being put into or near. 

If you are placing them in a city or town, it is subject to approval from the current city leaders.

All of the mobs will come with attack messages and progs. The basic mobs will only have basic progs, but the named mobs can be more advanced. Particularly when dealing with any quests the area may include.

Mobs will have to be of a level we typically make similar creatures and will not have attacks outside of what we already have via code. In other words we cannot code any special boss mobs. We are also not going to make them all kill everyone in one hit.

The items in the areas may have progs as needed for quests.

For the most part these only involve the mobs in the area, but we are willing to make them more involved with items and mobs outside of the area, as long as it is within reason.

Spawn waves will use the mobs built for the area. You do not have to use the spawn waves if they do not make sense for the area.

The quests will need to be approved, but most will probably focus around bringing honour to your pure awesomeness. For example; a quest to bring the bones of orcs to a builder that is fashioning a basilica from them, dedicated to your holy leadership. Or perhaps a quest where players can bring the corpses of players from your rival city in exchange for a reward.

The quests can have typical XP and/or gold rewards. 

The area will have a small release event and events post. The event will not be too huge, but it can revolve around your amazingness.

Keep in mind that people who hate you will undoubtedly kill the mobs and raid the area in an effort to piss you off. But let's face it, they respawn, so you always win.

Sample Ideas
Island with a village of natives that worship you. Spawn waves build up from simple natives, to warrior natives, to a chief boss. Quests that involve gathering mobs from enemy cities and townes for ritual sacrifice.

A mountain castle with undead guards and a harem of beautiful women at your beck and call.

A hidden cave full of ragged slaves and foul experiments. 

A wizard's tower full of magical beasts and creatures.

A holy conclave of religious zealots that claim you as their leader and burn effigies of your enemies every night.

Other Notes
Your character must be at least 100 years old.

Your area idea must be approved by Dec. This is a big one. The area needs to fit within the realm of Imperian. 

Feel free to contact Dec at for more information.