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4.3 Races in Imperian

When you are born into Imperian, you will be born as one of the mortal races: tanari, norrjin, muamrite, sylayan, sidhe, akrabi, kohdon, ssylsin, lycaean, lamira, dwarf, and xiur. You may gain information on the specific races with HELP <race>.                                    

Each race has a selection of racial abilities available to it. You can refer to HELP RACIAL SKILLS for a list of all available skills, and HELP <race name> lists the abilities available to each race.

Other than race, each character also has a statpack. A statpack determines your statistics, resistances and the like. You can refer to HELP STATPACKS for more information about statpacks.                    

Each race has a default statpack associated with it, to make the initial selection easier. You are however free to pick any combination of race and statpack that you want. This is described in more details in HELP STATPACKS.                                                              

If you wish to change your statpack or race, you may use a free reincarnation once in your lifetime. You must journey to the remnants of Aryana's Spring in Caanae, and REINCARNATE INTO <statpack> <race> WITH FREE. See HELP REINCARNATION for more information.

While you are under level 30, you have an unlimited amount of free reincarnations available to you, so that you can experiment and pick the race and statpack that suits you most. After reaching level 30, you will still have one free reincarnation available, as described above.

The history of the specific races may be found in the Imperian History Files and on the website. However, a brief description of each race is below:                                                                  

  Tanari   : The descendants of the Caananite humans
  Norrjin  : Rugged breed of humans from the northern wilderness
  Muamrite : Dark-skinned desert humans
  Sylayan  : Lithe wood elves
  Sidhe    : City dwelling elves
  Akrabi   : Scorpion people from the harsh deserts
  Kohdon   : Large, powerful lizard-people
  Ssylsin  : A silent, quick race of snake-people
  Lycaean  : Quick, powerful wolf-people
  Dwarf    : One time slaves to the orcs
  Lamira   : Lithe ocean dwellers
  Xiur     : Rock-like cave dwellers

  Cherufe  : A volcanic, rock-like race
  Yeti     : Massive and apish people
  Minotaur : A large, powerful bull-like race
  Dryad    : Petite tree-nymphs
  Arel     : A radiant Seraph-like race
  Wolkin   : Powerful raven-like people
  Asuwan   : Vicious bat-like people
  Selkie   : A seductive water fae 
  Schelkin : An armoured, crab-like race
  Sangfel  : Sleek and stealthy feline people
  Fallen   : Corrupted Arel
  Vyurdrag : A fire-breathing salamander-like race
  Gargoyle : Statue-like race of different features
  Scorched : Fire-encased humanoids
  Araeca   : Flying fire race related to the scorched
  Evythi   : A svelte race of deer people 
  Choboti  : The feared kraken race
  Arothi   : The noble eagle race

HELP <race name> will give you more detailed information about each of the races and its abilities.                                            

If you are looking for members of your own race, RACEWHO (or just RWHO) will show you people online, who are visible to you, of your race.

RACES shows you a list of races you are able to reincarnate into.