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24.15.1 Familiar Battle Sets

The following is a list of familiars sets available:

CityKin Set
- a beguiling sylphid
- a malevolent hob
- a resplendent celestial
- an aqueous nix
- a despotic moloch
- a brumal mehteh

ForestKin Set
- an aphotic umbra
- a tiny garden golem
- a gritty sandling
- a sooty sprite
- a fractious changeling
- a melodious cherub

- a cubrous boneling
- a floating voodoo head
- a sphinx cub 
- a centaur foal  
- a cronish sankhedo
- a sinuous peixala 

- a waggish nasnas
- a corpulent capcaun
- a gaunt berunda
- a glutinous hafgufa
- a pestilent psychai  
- a rose-covered sapling

- a vine-snaked vantoase
- a doltish duende
- a miniature fallen
- a clockwork knight
- a fusty grumspith

- a downy harpy
- a sun-kissed nymph
- a waspish mimi
- a miniature arel
- a mellifluent meliae

- a miniature sidhe
- a miniature tanari
- a miniature dwarf
- a miniature norrjin
- a miniature muamrite
- a miniature akrabi

- a miniature vyurdrag
- a miniature cherufe
- a miniature schelkin
- a miniature selkie
- a miniature scorched
- an ice fae

- a miniature sangfel
- a miniature dryad
- a miniature lycaean
- a miniature yeti
- a miniature kohdon
- a miniature sylayan

- a miniature minotaur 
- a miniature ssylsin
- a miniature wolkin
- a miniature asuwan
- a miniature xiur
- a miniature gargoyle

- a chubby palomino gryphon (Thanksgiving - American)
- a joyous wintry dryad with festive ornaments  (Christmas)
- a sweet candy-pink vyurdrag (Valentine's Day)
- a coral-studded whekeh leviathan (Saint Patrick's Day)
- a gladiatorial celani shieldmaiden (the Tournament of Ages)
- a chubby asuwan witchlet (Halloween)

- a miniature lamira
- a headless asuwan horseman
- a beauteous blood-tailed gorgon
- a dapper louse
- a tempestuous elemental of the waters

Take special note of the sets listed above. If you have a complete set of 6, you can unlock the special familiar with BATTLE CLAIM <set name>. Unlocking a special familiar will lock the set familiars as non tradeable.

The familiars in sets and listed above can battle each other. HELP FAMILIARS gives instruction on how to interact with your familiars.