The World of Imperian

Some basic information about the game world.

Unique Character Races

New characters in Imperian can select from one of the twelve mortal races. You may desire to be one of the three three humans races; the Tanari, Norrjin, and Muamrite. Perhaps you'd like to become one of two elfin races; the Sylayan or Sidhe. You may also select from one of the creature hybrid races; the Akrabi, Kohdon, Ssylsin, Lycaean, Lamira, and Xiur. Finally, you may even select the ever stout Dwarf race for your character.
Characters may be further modified by selecting a statpack. You character may focus on strength, speed, health, or several other various options. Finally, each race has several unique racial abilities available to it. Read on for more information about each race.

Character Professions and Classes

One of the most important, defining features of your character will be your profession (class) selection. Imperian has 20 different professions to select from. From the wild Berserker to the diabolical Malignist, and the knightly Templar to the demonic Summoner, you will be able to find something to suit your style of play. Each profession falls into one of three circles of influence; AntiMagick, Magick, and Demonic. Each circle or faction stands by its own ideals, aligning certain profession together, and putting others directly against each other.

Hundreds of Unique Abilities

Much of your life in Imperian will revolve around your sets of skills or skillsets. Skillsets are sets of abilities or a single ability representing how well you do something (like dodge arrows and sword blows, for instance). Each profession (or class) in Imperian has three unique skillsets. Each of these skillsets will have anywhere from 20 to 50 different abilities within the skill. An ability could be an individual spell, or something like a particular type of kick or sword stroke. In addition to the profession specific skillsets, all characters come with several general skillsets that all other characters in the game have.

Player vs Player

Imperian offers a unique player vs player experience. Combat between players in a text based format is a fast paced, intense format.  Imperian hosts 20 different professions, with more than 100 abilities of each. This allows for many different attack strategies against other players. In fact, our players are constantly coming up with new ways to kill each others in the world of Imperian.

Once you throw in group combat and shifting loyalties, combat in Imperian in an profound aspect of the game.


A Rich Mythology and History

Imperian is a vast world with a tremendous story of creation, leading into the modern Fourth Age. Learn about the early history of Imperian, leading to the Breaking of the Moon, leading to the creation of magick. This release of magick created the races as we know them in the world and led to the discovery of the Spiritual and Demonic Realms, in addition to the elemental planes.