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24.22 Special Mounts

In addition to the mounts which can be captured, tamed, and mastered about the land (HELP TAMING), there are several unique mounts rewarded from special events and promotions.

A list of all the currently released special mounts.

- a decomposing undead war-bear
- a dusky snow leopard
- a virulent black deer
- a lightning-wreathed elemental serpent
- a blonde desert tarantula
- a glaucous blue-gilled axolotl
- a lanky giraffe
- a lethargic black lion
- an imperious nightmare
- a tawny manticore   
- a bristly wood-armoured boar
- a sinister moss-backed alligator

Unlike other mounts, these can be sold and purchased from the promo market. (HELP PROMO MARKET)

All special mounts function as if they are wearing a collar of taming, allowing them to be named as well as reset to the stables should they die.