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24.18 Attack Behaviours

Behaviors take some of your professions' basic attacks and gives you optional messages. In order to learn a behaviour you must find a scroll that is attuned to the profession of your choice. 

For example, you may have a scroll that allows you to learn volcanic priest attacks or drunken monk attacks.

Behaviour scrolls can be traded and sold on the promo market (HELP PROMO MARKET).

The behaviour related syntax is as follows:

This command lists all of the behavior scrolls that you have redeemed and are available to your character. You can use the activate command to switch between them.

This will return a list of behaviours currently for sale, if any.

BEHAVIOUR PURCHASE <behaviour> <type>
If you have a behaviour token, this will allow you to trade it in for a single behaviour type. See below for a list of behaviours and types.

After you have purchased a scroll, you must read and learn how to use the optional attacks offered from this scroll. This will use up the scroll and cannot be undone, but you will be able to permanently use the new attack messages.

This command lists any behavior scrolls your character has, but has not learned.

This command turns on the behavior pack if you have redeemed it.

Deactivates all behaviour messages you have activated.

BEHAVIOUR <behaviour> TYPE <type> LOOK
This command will show you what all the different types of messages look like. For example: BEHAVIOUR drunken TYPE monk_basic LOOK

A brief description of what type of attacks are in this behavior.

Some of the basic information about this type of attack.

By default all messages are seen. If you don't want to see any of the custom messages, you can turn them off. This only hides the player-vs-player attack messages -- messages are always shown when attacking mobs.

Current Behaviours:
- drunken              Drunken Attacks
- volcanic             Volcanic Attacks
- frosty               Frosty Attacks
- lightning            Lightning Attacks
- poised               Poised Attacks
- water                Water Attacks
- simple               Simple Attacks
- gory                 Gory Attacks
- forestal             Forestal Attacks
- poisonous            Poisonous Attacks
- brutal               Brutal Attacks
- ethereal             Ethereal Attacks
- tornado              Tornado Attacks

Current Types:
- assassin_basic       Basic Assassin and Renegade attacks
- bard_basic           Basic Bard attacks
- defiler_basic        Basic Defiler attacks
- diabolist_basic      Basic Diabolist attacks
- druid_basic          Basic Druid attacks
- hunter_basic         Basic Hunter attacks
- knight_basic         Basic Knight attacks
- mage_basic           Basic Mage attacks
- monk_basic           Basic Monk attacks
- outrider_basic       Basic Outrider attacks
- priest_basic         Basic Priest attacks
- predator_basic       Basic Predator attacks
- predator_advanced    Advanced Predator attacks
- ranger_basic         Basic Ranger and Amazon attacks
- ranger_advanced      Advanced Ranger and Amazon attacks
- summoner_basic       Basic Summoner attacks
- wardancer_basic      Basic Wardancer attacks
- wytch_basic          Basic Wytch attacks
- general_basic        Basic Weapon attacks

Here are some examples with some alternate DSL messages for knight classes:

With a lightning-quick motion, you slash a kohdon head hunter with a blade of black obsidian.
You swing a blade of black obsidian at a kohdon head hunter with a powerful strike.

Ice trails a blade of black obsidian's path as you slash a kohdon head hunter.
Ice courses through a kohdon head hunter's veins as you slash him several times with a blade of black obsidian

Belching loudly you, slash a blade of black obsidian at a kohdon head hunter.
You drunkenly swing a blade of black obsidian at a kohdon head hunter.