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24.3.1 Weapon Artifacts

Enhanced weapons

Weapon artifacts offer the same speed as the non-artifact versions, but provide a damage bonus over their mundane counterparts.
Level 1: +10% damage
Level 2: +15% damage
Level 3: +20% damage

For 750 credits, you may add the Asp ability to any artifact edged weapon. The Asp ability causes the weapon to hit with a random toxin each time, and 1/3 of the time no specific toxin message is given, so triggers will not work against it 1/3 of the time. Please e-mail if you wish to purchase the Asp ability.

If you have a weapon token you redeem it using the PROMOTOKEN syntax, or by messaging Dec. If messaging, please include the Token # and which weapon you wish to purchase.


   Truesilver Battleaxe     350  credits
   Mithril battleaxe        800  credits
   Fleshrender battleaxe   1600  credits

Bows: (these shoot more quickly, do more damage, and hit more easily 
       than hornbows. The damage and to-hit percentages aren't 
       possible to give because they are only one factor in how well 
       you hit and how much damage you do, but the bows are more 
       accurate and do more damage as they increase in price).

   Heartwood Bow:     250  (7% faster)
   Cloudpiercer bow:  550  (14% faster)
   Bow of Asaka:     1000  (22% faster)

   Truesilver broadsword   350  credits
   Mithril broadsword      800  credits
   Broadsword of Vahin    1600  credits

Claymores (two-handed):
   Truesilver claymore     350  credits
   Mithril claymore        800  credits
   Dreadscythe claymore   1600  credits

Daeggers: (These will increase the damage done by ritualism skills.) 
   A bloodstone daegger:   300 credits  (10% faster)
   A scourgebone daegger:  700 credits  (15% faster)
   A Sukhder daegger:     1500 credits  (20% faster)

Dirks: (These will increase the speed of dstab, which is not 
       dependent on weapon stats.)
   An assassin's dirk:   300 credits (8% faster)
   Demon's tooth:        700 credits (15% faster)
   a Shadowfang dirk:   1500 credits (23% faster)

   a Darkwood flail             350  credits
   a Shadowthorn flail          800  credits
   a flail of Ravening Hunger  1600  credits

   a silver flintlock           350 Credits
   a mithril flintlock          800 Credits
   a Reavers flintlock         1600 Credits

   Truesilver glaive:           350  credits
   Mithril glaive:              800  credits
   Wolf's Fang glaive:         1600  credits

   Truesilver javelin:          350  credits
   Reinforced mithril javelin:  800  credits
   Swiftviper javelin:         1600  credits

   Truesilver longsword         350  credits
   Mithril longsword            800  credits
   Doomforge longsword         1600  credits

Maces: (these particular maces can only be used if you have Fayth)
   Truesilver Mace:             350  credits
   Mithril mace:                800  credits
   Mace of Vahin:              1600  credits

   Truesilver sabre             350  credits
   Mithril sabre                800  credits
   Souledge sabre              1600  credits

   Truesilver scimitar          350  credits
   Mithril scimitar             800  credits
   Aesirian scimitar           1600  credits

Sitaras: (These particular sitaras can only be used if you have Knifeplay)
   Deathwind sitara             350  credits
   Spellscourge sitara          800  credits
   Insidian's Bane             1600  credits

   Silver-spiked spear          250  credits
   Mithril spear                600  credits
   Spear of the True Hunter    1200  credits

Throwing axes:
   Sylayan axe                  250  credits
   Hunter's Axe                 600  credits
   Axe of Asakan Fury          1200  credits

   Truesilver Trident           250  credits
   Mithril trident              600  credits
   Trident of Fears            1200  credits

   Truesilver maul              250  credits
   Mithril                      600  credits
   Wyrldmaker                  1200  credits

   Bladed whip:                 300  credits
   Diamond-tipped whip:         700  credits
   Whip of Nemesis' fury:      1400  credits