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24.4 Ironbank

The Iron Bank has long stored all sorts of random things, and when the owners of those vaults fail to pay their dues, they are repossessed! The bank has better things to do than make auctions for all this stuff, so instead, they pass the possessions on to you.

Iron Bank vault keys are available online at

The key to this promotion is the prize list. While it is not so varied and high value as normal, it is static instead of random. There are 100 vaults. There are 100 prizes. If the total average value of the vaults falls below 20cr, they reset. If there are less than 15 prizes left, they reset. If you are feeling froggy, use a key and MAKE them reset. Otherwise, you may see what has been claimed, what hasn't, etc. Clever players could wait for ideal moments to attempt to snipe!

While standing in any city bank, you may use the IRONBANK commands, listed via IRONBANK HELP.

IRONBANK - Look at the vaults! (visual, do not use as VI)
IRONBANK # (or click) - Look at a specific vault, to see what its status is
IRONBANK OPEN X Y - Open the vault, using a key, by its x, y coordinates.
IRONBANK OPEN NUMBER # - Open the vault by number.
IRONBANK OPENED - List numbers that are open (for VI!)
IRONBANK CLOSED - List numbers still to be opened (for VI!)
IRONBANK PRIZES - List the unclaimed prizes.

PS. Remember, you can use these commands in any city bank.