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4.1.1 Character Titles

Titles in Imperian refers to the prefixes and suffixes that appear before and after a character's name in some circumstances, such as the 'who' list. You may have up to 30 characters in a prefix and 30 in a suffix.

For instance: The Bakhu, Rider of the Apocalypse. "The" is the prefix, and ", Rider of the Apocalypse" is the suffix, assuming that 'Bakhu' is the name of the character.

In order to gain a title of this sort, you must have your guildmaster or guildsecretary, a high-ranking member of your city, or your Patron do it for you. Changing someone's title costs 20 gold per level per suffix or prefix changed, though everybody gets one prefix and one suffix for free.

You can see some of the titles that another player has by typing HONOURS <player>.

Some vague rules to think about for your title:
1) A title is just that, a title. It is not a sentence.

2) No acronyms in titles. Having your title be something like Avasyu, of Jaguar Black, is perfectly acceptable. Having OBJ or any acronym like that in your title makes us look like we have a bunch of wannabe gangsters playing.

3) Overly silly titles (our discretion) are bad.

Examples of good titles would be:
Lancelot, the Lion-hearted.
Druid Lancelot Fionuaidh.
Freya Xanne Kaer-Leigh
Lord Buckthorn of Ceylon

Examples of bad titles would be:
The Lancelot Project
Smiling sweetly, Beth the Pouncer

Generally, shorter is sweeter. Trying to cram all sorts of information into your title just makes you look silly. In any case, most of you have perfectly acceptable titles. It's just a few that don't, and you will likely be hearing from us.

A secondary system of racial identifiers, also known as titles, be obtained via promotions. HELP TITLE TOKENS contains more details as to their use and display.