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24.31 Love Arrows

Love arrows are special promotional items which may be purchased from the website and possibly earned through gameplay. Shooting players with an arrow will earn rewards for the shooting player at the end of every real life day (Midnight GMT). Credits are also rewarded to the character shooting the most arrows and for being shot the most. 

Characters may shoot other characters with the arrows in order to earn special rewards. The more arrows you shoot, the better your rewards will become. Rewards are distributed after midnight GMT every day. 

Note: Arrow reward counts reset every day at midnight GMT. Rewards are distributed for the previous day the next time you log in.

Shoot another character with an arrow. You may shoot the same character as many times as you want. However, there is a bonus credit reward for hitting multiple characters. Rewards are calculated and delivered after midnight GMT, every day. You must shoot any arrows you want to be part of the current reward cycle before midnight GMT. Characters must be in the same room as you.

Your character will earn rewards based on the number of arrows they have hit other characters with. These rewards are delivered sometime after midnight GMT.

There are three tiers of rewards: Bronze, Silver, and Gold.
   1 arrow = 1 bronze tier reward
   5 arrows = 1 silver tier reward
   25 arrows = 1 gold tier reward

For example, if I use 3 arrows, I will earn three bronze level rewards. If I use 12 arrows, I will earn 2 silver and 2 bronze level rewards. 25 arrows would net me a single gold level reward.

In addition, there are daily rewards for shooting the most arrows and being hit by the most unique characters. The character shooting the most arrows before midnight GMT will receive 25 bound credits. The character hit by the most unique characters will also earn a 25 credit bonus reward.

Other Effects
There is an honours line displaying the number of arrows you have shot and been hit by over the course of the entire event.

Characters may occasionally blurt out something about someone that has hit them with an arrow.

Prize List
- 25 to 1000 Credits
- Gladiator Tickets
- a multi-facet gem    
- a bottle of hot air   
- a dispersing charm  
- a sonic emitter    
- an oblong transmitter 
- a phantom beacon   
- Earrings
- a glowing soulgem   
- a glass cutting tool 
- an accountant's book   
- a divination crystal
- a fish charm
- Hex Cards
- Ancestral Chips
- Ancestral Racestones 
- an ornate dictation pen 
- a crystal pendulum 
- a slippery sllih-hide cloak
- a crooked eyeglass
- a squirt bottle  
- a chaotic crystal 
- a quicksilver top  
- a tombstone of Life  
- a pet licence 
- a headshrinker's kit     
- a pair of ivory dice    
- a silver spoon         
- a glass of aura magnification 
- a Neelamic reservoir   
- an Anklet of Dashing     
- a dagger of reincarnation 
- a gem of radiant offering
- a pair of Renascent Armguards
- Gloves of Harvesting      
- a silver-weave pack      
- an iridescent inkpot      
- a set of silver bracelets 
- a hunter's belt          
- a blood pendant          
- a pair of Ogre's Gauntlet 
- a Scholar's Sash          
- Pixies' Boots            
- a Diadem of the Quickening 
- a brass circumferentor    
- a steelweave surcoat      
- a set of diamond bracelet 
- a golden band of Baar  
- an Illuminas ring       
- a Quicksilver Amulet  
- a Girdle of the Titans 
- a Gem of Transmutation  
- a Collar of Gazali   
- Gauntlets of Aesir   
- a Sash of Wisdom   
- Boots of Dexterity 
- a Sash of Malkav      
- Ethereal Boots    
- a Girdle of Aesir     
- a pair of Seraphim Angel Wings