Game Help

Imperian has hundreds of help files to help you learn more about the game and how to play.

2.6 Basic Commands - Overview

Information about your Character:
SCORE           : Gives you the most basic information about your character.
STATUS          : Shows you some information about your current status.
I,INVENTORY,EQ  : Lists the equipment you possess.
INFO INV,II     : Lists the unique, identifying numbers of your equipment.
DEF,DEFENCES    : This will list various defences that you may have.
SKILLS          : List what skills you have.
AB <skillname>  : See what abilities you have in a skill.
WIELDED         : See what you are wielding.
FAVOURS         : See what divine favours you hold, if any.
CREDITS         : See how many credits you have.

Communication commands:
SAY or ' or "   : Say something to everyone in your location. Note that there
                  are some other verbs that work similarly to say. For
                  instance: sing, whine, mutter, snarl, and scream.
SHOUT or YELL   : Yell something to everyone in your immediate area.
TELL            : Remote communication with another player. This can also
                  be done just by typing a player's name followed by the
                  text you wish to send.
TELLSOFF        : Stop listening to tells.
TELLSON         : Start listening to tells.
NEWBIE          : Speak on the newbie channel.
NEWBIEOFF       : Turn the newbie channel off.
NEWBIEON        : Turn the newbie channel on.
EMOTE           : Send text to everyone in the room.
THINK           : Think a thought to yourself.
MSG             : Send a message to someone's message file.
MESSAGES        : See a summary of your messages.
SHOWMSG         : See a message in full detail.
DELMSG          : Delete a message.
DELMSG ALL      : Delete all your messages.
CMSG            : Clear your message file.
YELLSOFF        : Stop listening to yells.
YELLSON         : Resume listening to yells.
NEWS            : Type HELP NEWS to get information about the news.
SNUB <person>   : Begin to ignore, or, if you're already ignoring, stop
                  ignoring, a person. Stops messages, tells, and targeted

Item-related commands:
GET             : Gets an item from the ground or from a container. GET 50
                  MYRRH would get 50 myrrh, while GET MYRRH would just get one
DROP            : Drops an item. DROP 50 VIOLET would drop 50 violet, while
                  DROP VIOLET would just drop one.
GIVE            : Give an item to another being. The syntax to give gold to
                  someone is: GIVE <amount> GOLD to <whomever>. You may give
                  multiple items at once by doing GIVE 50 MYRRH TO CERISE,
                  for example.
PUT             : Puts an item in another item. For instance, PUT 33 MYRRH IN
                  BACKPACK. If you just wish to put one myrrh, you may omit
                  specifying how many you wish to put.
EX, EXAMINE     : Examine an item to see what it looks like, or to see how
                  hard a creature is.
P, PROBE        : Gain extended information about an item, including what, if
                  anything, is held inside it.
WEAR            : Wear an item that you hold.
REMOVE          : Remove an item that you are wearing.
WIELD           : Wield an item. WIELD LEFT or WIELD RIGHT to wield something
                  in a specific hand.
UNWIELD         : Cease wielding an item.
OPEN            : To open a door, do OPEN DOOR <direction>. It must be
                  unlocked, of course.
CLOSE           : To close a door, do CLOSE DOOR <direction>. It is possible
                  to lock a door open, so it must be unlocked for this command
LOCK            : In order to lock a door, you must have a key for that door.
                  LOCK DOOR <direction> will lock it.
UNLOCK          : To unlock a door, you also must have a key for it.
                  UNLOCK DOOR <direction> will unlock it.
THROW           : see HELP THROWING.
POINT           : POINT <whatever> AT <whomever/whatever>. You must have the
                  item that you are going to point in your inventory.
POUR            : POUR <container1> INTO <container 2>
                  POUR <container> ON <thing>

Commands to gain information about the world:
LOOK, L         : See a full description of the location you are in.
QL              : Stands for: QuickLook. See an abbreviated description of
                  your location.
INFO HERE, IH   : See the unique item numbers of the things in your location.
WHO HERE        : See a brief listing of the people in your location.
WHO             : See a listing of who is in the game, providing they are
                  visible to you.
BW,QW           : BriefWho, QuickWho. See a shorter listing of who is
                  visible to you.
RACEWHO, RWHO   : A who list for people of your race.

WARES           : See what is for sale in a shop.

Some combat-related commands:
COMPOSE         : Purge fear from yourself.
CONCENTRATE     : Regain internal equilibrium if you have lost it.
WRITHE          : Escape from hindering entanglements.
KILL            : Automatically use your best possible attack on a target.
ATTACK          : Automatically use your best possible attack on a target.
PUNCH           : Punch something. A weak attack.
KICK            : Kick something. Also a weak attack.
DRINK           : Drink a liquid, such as a healing elixir.
APPLY           : Used to apply salves to your body. For instance, APPLY
                  MENDING SALVE TO ARMS. See HELP HEALINGYOURSELF for extended
                  information on healing.
MEDITATE/MED    : Regain mana.
SLEEP           : Regain health.
SET WARCRY      : Set your warcry.
WARCRY          : Scream out your warcry.
STAND           : Stand up if you have fallen down.
SCRUB OFF MARK  : While standing in a water room without the Wytch
                  present and having not been cursed in the last 
                  minute, you can remove scrawled Marks.

Some guild-related commands (You may see the others with GUILD PRIVS):
GMEMBERS,GMEM   : See the active members in your guild.
GMEMBERS DORMANT: See the inactive members in your guild.
GUILDFAVOUR     : Formally honour a fellow guildmember.
GUILDDISFAVOUR  : Place a black mark against a fellow guildmember.
QUIT <guildname>: Quits your guild. Currently you will lose your guild-related
                  skills if you quit your guild.
GWHO            : See who from your guild is online.
GUILDTELL,GT    : Tell something to everyone who is online and in your guild.

Some city-related commands:
CWHO            : See who is online from your city.
CITIZENS        : See every active member of your city.
CITIZENS DORMANT: See the dormant members of your city.

Some miscellaneous commands:
CONFIG          : Configurable options to aid your game experience.
VERBOSE         : Get long descriptions of rooms when moving around.
BRIEF           : Get only short descriptions of a room when moving around.
QUIT,QQ         : I'm sure you'll have no use for this command!
STOP            : Stop yourself from quitting or entering the newsroom.
DATE            : See the Imperian date.
TIME            : See the real time.
REGISTER        : Register your personal details with the system.
CHARACTERS      : See your registration information and all characters linked
                  to it.
DESCRIBE SELF   : Add a personal touch to your description.
ENEMY           : Declare someone your enemy.
UNENEMY         : Remove someone from your enemies list.
ALLY            : Declare someone your ally.
UNALLY          : Remove someone from your allies list.
!               : Repeat your last command.
PROMPT STATS    : (This is also the default prompt.) Make your prompt show you
                  your health and mana and other information.
PROMPT OFF      : Give yourself a simple, uninformative prompt.
EAT             : Eat a piece of food.
PORTALS         : If you are a newbie and have any Godly rescues left, this
                  will teleport you to a room full of portals.
                  (STATUS will tell you if you have any left.)
FLIPCOIN        : Flip a coin. Heads or tails, only Avasyu, The Creator knows.
BIRTHDAYS       : Shows you who has a birthday today.
HONOURS         : Gives you some information about another player.
PASSWORD        : Change your password.
CONVERT         : Convert credits to lessons (HELP LESSONGAIN)
RANKINGS        : See a list of the top-ranked players.
LEARN           : Commence a lesson in a skill from a mobile or player.
                  (see HELP LEARNING)
DEPOSIT         : Deposit some money in a bank. (see HELP BANKING)
WITHDRAW        : Withdraw some money from your account.
SCRUB           : When you are particularly smelly, scrubbing yourself in
                  a river or lake is quite effective.

STAREDOWN       : Stare down another player, if he or she is of a lower level
                  than you.
RATS or VERMIN  : Toggle whether you see or don't see rats and vermin.
PLANTS ON/OFF   : Toggle whether you see or don't see growing plants in room
WEATHER ON/OFF  : Toggle whether you see or don't see general weather
                  conditions in room descriptions.

SUICIDE         : Permanently destroy your character, if you're not a customer.
REINCARNATE     : You may reincarnate your character once during its lifetime.
                  Doing so allows you to choose a new race. You must be at 
                  Aryana's Spring to reincarnate. The syntax is REINCARNATE 
                  INTO <statpack> <race>. Read HELP STATPACKS
NAMECHANGE      : Allows you to change your name, provided you have played
                  under 30 hours, and have not changed it before.
TOPGUILDS       : Gives an idea of the most active guilds last month.