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Imperian has hundreds of help files to help you learn more about the game and how to play.

13 The Principles of Battle

13.1  Combatprinciples   Some basic information about combat.
13.2  Preparation        Preparing for combat.
13.3  Defending          Defending yourself successfully.
13.4  Weapons            Learn about the weapons in Imperian.
  13.4.1 Proficiencies   Weapon proficiencies and where to learn them.
13.5  Armour             Learn about armour in Imperian.
13.6  Saferooms          Read about rooms which are safe, by Divine order.
13.7  Healingyourself    Learn how to heal yourself.
13.8  Afflictions        More information about the afflictions of Imperian.
13.9  Bodypartdamage     The system of body parts and damaging them.
13.10 Combattips         Some tips for success in combat.
13.11 Combat Rankings    Are you good enough to be #1?
13.12 Mobilecombat       Player vs. Mobile Combat
13.13 Assassins          Hire someone to clean up your mess.
13.14 Writhing           Free yourself of that which binds you.
13.15 Honour Combat      Honourable Combat between opposing organisation members.