Game Help

Imperian has hundreds of help files to help you learn more about the game and how to play.

19 Other Miscellaneous

19.1  Registering       Why we ask you to register.
19.2  Passwords         Changing and recovering your password.
19.3  Timeout           Ensure that you do not stay online by accident.
19.4  Achievements      Track your accomplishments in Imperian
19.5  Autocuring        Imperian's built in healing system

19.6  Bugs              How to report bugs, ideas, or typos.
  19.6.10 Helpedit      Submit revisions to the help scrolls.

19.7  Suicide           Ending your life, permanently.

19.8  Reminders         Login reminders for those things you mustn't forget

19.9  Clients           About clients and why you need a good one.
  19.9.1 GMCP           More info about GMCP.
  19.9.2 MXP            The MUD eXtension Protocol mapper.
  19.9.3 zMUD's Mapper  A few details about zMUD's

19.10 GMT               Understanding GMT dates and time.
  19.10.1 Timezones     Configure your local timezone
19.11 Website           About Imperian's website.
19.12 Vote              Voting for Imperian on

19.13 Media
  19.13.1 Facebook      IRE's Facebook page
  19.13.2 Discord       Imperian's official Discord Server

19.14 Toolbar           Information about the Firefox toolbar for Imperian
19.15 Lag               Nobody's friend.
19.16 System            The hardware and software that Imperian uses.
19.17 Admins            Administrative characters there to help you.
19.18 Immortals         So you think you can be an Entity?
19.19 Referrals         Earn free credits by referring your friends.
19.20 Banners           Forum Banners
19.21 Arts              Literary and Artist Submissions