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3.2 The SAY command

SAY - it's the main way people talk to other Imperians in the same room. Just type SAY followed by whatever you want, and you'll say it.

If Thanatos types "SAY Hi there!" then everybody nearby will see:

   Thanatos says, "Hi there!"

Both ' and " work just like SAY. There are other ways to talk that don't use SAY (such as WHINE), too; plus you can SAY something to one person; and you can use emoticons - keep reading to see how.


There are other ways to talk, like say but different too. They are SCREAM, MUTTER, CHANT, SING, WHINE, and SNARL. Each one does something a little different. Try them and see!


ASK and EXCLAIM are variations on SAY which you get by using special punctuation. To EXCLAIM, use two exclamation marks (!!). To ASK, use two question marks (??).

   SAY Don't you see, Imperian is the greatest??
   SAY Imperian IS the greatest, and I am the greatest Imperian!!


You can SAY something to someone in particular this way:

   SAY TO THANATOS How could Imperian exist without you?
   SCREAM AT THANATOS How could Imperian exist without you?

This works for most of the forms (SCREAM, MUTTER, etc). Try it!

You can also speak to the people sitting with you at a table, chair, etc by using SAYHERE.


You can prepend a certain accent or speaking style to your says by default through CONFIG ACCENT.


EXAMPLE: CONFIG ACCENT nasal and blithe
EXAMPLE: SAY Blah blah blah.
Nasal and blithe, you say, "Blah blah blah."
Nasal and blithe, Jeremy says, "Blah blah blah."


Apart from the SPEAK command (explained in HELP LANGUAGES) you can also choose to use a language for each message.

SYNTAX: SAY [~<language>] Blah blah blah.

EXAMPLE: SAY ~orcish Blah blah blah.
You say, in Orcish, "Blah blah blah."

This syntax can be used in combination with any of the other say command additions listed here, though order is important.


You are able to customise the message before "you say". To do so, the first words after your chosen method of speech must be wraped in parantheses. The message will automatically strip it out before speaking and allow you to customise the way you communicate to your room. This will work over your accent - temporarily overwriting it.

SYNTAX: SAY (<prefix>) [to <player>] [~<language>] <words you want to say>

EXAMPLE: mutter (With an annoyed look) I hate you, Garryn
With an annoyed look, you mutter, "I hat. you, ....yn."
With an annoyed look, Vashir mutters, "I hat. you, ....yn."

EXAMPLE: say (Happily) to kialae Hooray
Happily, you say to Kialae, "Hooray."
Happily, Vashir says to you, "Hooray."


You don't have to end your SAY (or WHINE, or whatever) with punctuation, but you can. Use a . or a ? or a ! if you like. Have fun with it!


To give your SAYS even more variety, you can use emoticons (sometimes called smileys) at the very end only. This only works with SAY, not with EXCLAIM or ASK or ' or " or SCREAM or anything else but just SAY. If Thanatos types

   SAY Yes, I am the best Imperian that ever was :)

Then people will see

   Thanatos smiles and says, "Yes, I am the best Imperian that ever was."  

Here are the emoticons and what they do:

   :)  smiles and says                 :|  looks undecided and says
   :)) smiles broadly and says         :/  looks skeptical and says
   :>  smiles impishly and says        :?. looks thoughtful and says
   ;)  smiles with a wink and says     :B  drools and says
   :D  laughingly says                 :P sticks out his tongue and says
   :*  blows a kiss and says           :O  looks surprised and says
   :,) says through happy tears        :S  looks confused and says
   :@  angrily says                    :(  frowns and says
   :(( sadly says                      :C  very sadly says
   :,( says through unhappy tears      :<  looks pouty and says
   :X  looks embarrassed and says      >_> looks shifty and says


Paranoid someone may hear something they should not? Try using the whisper command to someone in the room with you. Do WHISPER <player> <text> and only they will hear it. Everyone will wonder what you are talking about!