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14.2 RATS, SPIDERS and other VERMIN

One of the major activities is hunting and slaying the various kinds of vermin that infest the major areas and sewer systems of Imperian.

This is an ideal way to earn money, as there exist, in every major city, men or women who are paid by the cities to rid the cities of their vermin. Simply slay the rats you find, and SELL <rats|spiders|vermin> TO <whomever>.

You can sell vermin to the following collectors in each city:

Name         City         Will Buy
-----------  -----------  -------------------------------------------
Okabarish    Antioch      Rats
Sal          Celidon      Spiders
Relg         Ithaqua      Vole, Chipmunk, Marmot, Groundhog, Woodchuck
Lyria        Khandava     Mouse, Shrew, Bat, Mole, Weasel
Phillipus    Kinsarmar    Rats
Thurgan      Caanae       Rats

If you are having trouble finding the vermin collector for your city, simply type PATH FIND RATS to find a path to the collector while you are in the city. For more information about this feature, please see HELP LANDMARKS and HELP SPEEDWALKING.

Because there are so many vermin wandering about and because seeing them enter and exit can become annoying, the command RATS, SPIDERS or VERMIN will toggle on and off your ability to notice rats. Generally, you will want to turn this off while you are not actively looking for them.

When you see vermin dart out of its hiding spot, by all means, slay it before it can run away. Once a certain number have been slain in a location, no more will appear there until a new Imperian day. Generally, you'll find that a sewer location contains more than a normal street.