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2.8 The WhoList

As Imperian is a multi-player game, you will, very frequently, want to see who else is on-line. There are a number of ways of doing this, and they are detailed below.

Command list

Gives you a full list of players who are on-line, on the same plane as you, and visible to you. If you have ansi on (HELP ANSI), then people who are Gods will be green. Celani (lower-level immortals) will be cyan, Guides (HELP GUIDES) will be yellow, and Administrators (HELP ADMIN) will be bright white.

Both of these commands do the same thing. They present a shortened version of the full WHO list.

BW/QW <partial name>
Will show you a list of people online who match part of a name.

Will show you a list of people online who are currently Champions.

See who is on-line, visible to you, and on the same plane as you from your guild.

Same as GWHO, but shows who is on-line from your city.

Shows who is online from your family.

Shows who is online from your current clan.

Shows all of the newbies currently online.

Shows all dead mortal souls within the Underworld.

This will look in the current room and show you who is there with you. This is quite useful when participating in large gatherings.

** Some names will appear in different colours upon your WHO lists, here is what they could mean:

- BRIGHT RED: Demonic Evolved Entity

- BRIGHT CYAN: Magick Evolved Entity

- BRIGHT GREEN: Anti-Magick Evolved Entity


- CYAN: Entities that have yet to evolve.

- BRIGHT WHITE: Administrators.

- DARK PURPLE: "Demonic Champions," this means they passed through the Leechwood's root to gain their Champion status. 

- DARK BLUE: This is regular Champions, they gained Champion status through altar sacrificing.

Any other colouring could be due to your CONFIG COLOUR set up.