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7.2 Money

Gaining money, which takes the form of golden sovereigns (you may refer to them
as sovereigns or gold), is always a priority for new players, as they will
need, in time, to buy a large variety of items. The best way for a new player
to gain money, aside from simply being given it by a larger player, is to
assist in ridding one of the cities of those eternal pests, rats.

Rats are everywhere in the cities. They are constantly roaming about, and you
will find the command RATS of use. This command can make you start or stop
noticing their movements, as if you are not actively hunting them it can get
annoying to see them come in and out so often.

There are five types of rats and they are, ranging from weakest to strongest:
baby, young, adult, old, black. Be warned that the stronger rats, especially
the black rats, are quite large and dangerous to a small player.

If you have not yet joined a guild, or if you have but have not yet gained a
better attack, you can always fall back on PUNCH and KICK. These attacks, while
rather weak, are available to all players and require no equipment of any kind.
So, to initiate combat with a foul rat, you simply PUNCH <rat>. Now, naturally
it is going to fight back, so keep an eye on your health (HELP PROMPT will show
you how to make your health show up on your prompt) or you will soon perish.

Once you have slain your flea-infested opponent, your next step will be to take
the little bugger to a computer-controlled character that will pay you for its
body. For instance, in Antioch, Okabarish will pay you for it. Simply SELL RATS
TO <collector> to obtain your money. All of the cities and councils have
vermin that can be hunted for money in this manner.

There are, of course, other ways to make money in Imperian. For example, there
are numerous quests which will make you money as well as experience, and you
would do well to explore the land to discover these.

Please note that mobs you kill also have a chance of dropping gold.  As the mobs increase in level, the amount of gold they can drop increases as well.