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4.27 Statpacks

A statpack is a collection of your important attributes. Each statpack  
has four basic statistics, plus, generally, some advantages and         

STATPACKS will show you the list of all available statpacks, and        
STATPACK SHOW <name> will give you information about a statpack in a    
more verbose form.                                                      

These are the four basic statistics:

Strength     : helps determine how much physical damage you can do.
Dexterity    : works with the skill Evasion to assist you in dodging
Constitution : helps determine your maximum hit points.
Intelligence : helps determine your maximum mana level, as
               well as how much damage your magickal attacks do.

The other possible advantages and disadvantages include resistancies and
weaknesses to various types of damage, faster or slower balance, faster 
or slower healing, and more.                                            

If you wish to change your statpack or race, you have available to you, 
once in your lifetime, a free reincarnation. You must journey to the    
Aryana's Spring, and REINCARNATE INTO <statpack> <race>.                

While you are a newbie under level 30, you have an unlimited amount of
free reincarnations available to you, so that you can experiment and
pick the race and statpack that suits you most. After reaching level 30,
you will still have one free reincarnation available, as described

After you have used up your free reincarnation, it is possible to obtain
special artifacts that will let you reincarnate again.