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Imperian has hundreds of help files to help you learn more about the game and how to play.

4.7 The Score Command

The first way to get information about your character is to type SCORE or SC. This will give you a number of lines of information about the status of your character. Below is an example of the result of this command when performed by a player named Rynok.

 Rynok Reopev
 Race     : Ssylsin     Gender      : Male
 Bloodline: Reopev      Age         : 45
 Class    : Assassin    Sect        : None
 Guild    : Saboteurs   Guild Rank  : A Secret Watcher
 City     : None        City Rank   : None
 Overall Level: 80  (65%)  Avasyuvian
 Bashing Level: 68  (11%)  Invincible
 Quest Level  : 50  (3%)   Paragon
 PK Level     : 20  (87%)  Daring
 Health   : 293/296      Reserves : 67/67
 Mana     : 327/340      Reserves : 195/195
 Str: 10/10  Int: 13/13  Dex: 16/16  Con: 11/11
Character Information:
You are ranked 77th in Imperian.
You are ranked 11th in Questing.
You are ranked 34th in Bashing.
You are ranked 206th in Player Killing.
You are the 57th ranked combatant.
You are the 30th ranked arena combatant with 18 wins.
You are a Seeker of the Frontier in the Fellowship of Explorers.
You are a member of the clan called 'Reopev.'
You are a member of the clan called 'Serpentine Conclave.'
You are a member of the clan called 'Kindred Souls.'
You are able to take on proteges.
You were born on the 24th day of Ferinus, in the year 407 AD.

The first lines are obviously your characters name, sex, and race and general information concerning your character.

After that there are 4 lines of experience. As you do different things in Imperian you will gain levels of experience. The higher your levels, the more powerful you are, raising your health and mana.

Following that will be two lines showing your current and maximum health and mana. For instance, Rynok currently has 296 health points out of a maximum of 296, so he is "on full health." But, he has only 327 mana points out of his maximum of 340.

A few words of explanation about what these statistics represent is in order. Health is a measure of your current physical state. If you fall to 0 health you will, in most cases, die. During the course of a battle with another player or a monster, your health will go up and down quite quickly as you take damage and heal it. Mana represents your current mental state. Most magick will use mana, and if you have no mana left, you will not be able to cast any spells.

Healing your health may be done in a number of ways, the most basic of which is to simply type SLEEP and wait. Other methods are detailed in HELP HEALINGYOURSELF, but it is recommended you wait to read that file, as it is reasonably complicated. Mana may be restored by typing MEDITATE and waiting. Again, HELP HEALINGYOURSELF will detail other, more effective but more complicated methods.

The next line shows you what your current rank is in Imperian. A new player will have no rank until you REGISTER, however. Rank is based solely on your experience level. Do not be disheartened if you are ranked lowly, as there is definitely not a one-to-one correspondence between success in Imperian and your rank.