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4.4 Character Statistics

Characters in Imperian have four stats (or statistics):

Str - Strength     - affects the physical damage you can deal out
Dex - Dexterity    - affects your ability to avoid hits in combat
Con - Constitution - affects your maximum health
Int - Intelligence - affects your maximum mana and magickal damage

(Each of these stats may affect other things besides what is listed.)

To see your current stats, just type STATUS (or STAT). See HELP STATUS for more information. More information about your character can also be found in your SCORE. Read HELP SCORE for more information.

These stats do not change as you rise in age, experience, or level. Other things may affect your stats, though. Divine favours and disfavours can adjust your stats, and several professions have abilities that can raise (or lower) stats as well. Furthermore, there exist powerful artifacts that can increase your stats.