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4.3.23 The Fallen

Through corruption, some of the pure arel race has descended into hatred, creating the race of the fallen. During their transformation, they were stripped of their wings, leaving nothing but their bones. These wings of bone are unable to grant them flight, however, they can be used as a means of protection if needed. Since they are born of the arel race and are a twisted form of them, they are natural enemies, some not even wishing to be in the same room as their brother race. Their race was hidden within an ancestral stone until Christof discovered their power and released them into the world. Some have kept to their darker side while others attempt to redeem themselves.

Racial skills:

- Mana Regeneration
  Is constantly regenerating mana
- Alertness
  Be notified whenever someone moves into any adjacent room. Usage: ALERTNESS ON/OFF.
- Skywatch
  Can watch the skies for their hated enemies the Arel at no mana cost.
- Bone Wings
  Can use the command RAISE WINGS to create a translucent shield.

Languages: Common, Elan