Game Help

Imperian has hundreds of help files to help you learn more about the game and how to play.

4 Your Character

4.1  Names             Good names in Imperian.
  4.1.1  Titles         How to get a prefix or suffix added to your name.
  4.1.2  Name Change    The rules for changing your character's name.

4.2  Your Description   Personalizing your description.

4.3  Races             The mortal races of Imperian.
  4.3.1  Tanari         The Caananites.
  4.3.2  Norrjin        Humans from the north.
  4.3.3  Muramite       Humans from the desert.
  4.3.4  Sylayan        Elvish folk.
  4.3.5  Sidhe          City elves!
  4.3.6  Akrabi         Scorpion people.
  4.3.7  Khodon         Lizard-like beings.
  4.3.8  Ssylsin        Snakemen, and women.
  4.3.9  Lycaean        Wolves! Furry!
  4.3.10  Dwarf         Small humanoids.
  4.3.11  Lamira        Like fish but better.
  4.3.12  Xiur          Rockmen, and women.
  4.3.13  Cherufe       Xiurs but fiery.
  4.3.14  Yeti          Ape-like, very furry.
  4.3.15  Minotaur      Have horns.
  4.3.16  Dryad         Nymph-like, wooden creatures.
  4.3.17  Arel          Seraphs.
  4.3.18  Wolkin        Raven folk.
  4.3.19  Asuwan        Rather bat-like creatures.
  4.3.20  Selkie        Water faes.
  4.3.21  Schelkin      Crabs that left the seas.
  4.3.22  Sangfel       Cat people.
  4.3.23  Fallen        Fallen Arels.
  4.3.24  Vyurdrag      Salamander in human form.
  4.3.25  Gargoyle      Stone. More stone.
  4.3.26  Scorched      A race perpetually on fire.
  4.3.27  Araeca        Bird people.
  4.3.28  Evythi        Human deer. Deer human.
  4.3.29  Choboti       Tentacles everywhere.
  4.3.30  Arothi        Eagles but in human version.

4.4  Stats             Understanding and changing character statistics.
  4.4.1  Health         The measure of your physical health.
  4.4.2  Mana           The measure of your mental reserves.
  4.4.3  Recovery       Recovering your health and mana in a basic fashion.
  4.4.4  Reserves       Need a refill?
  4.4.5  Statpacks      Different stats.
  4.4.6 Reincarnation   Become someone else.

4.5  Prompt            Changing your prompt to display more information.
  4.5.1  Custom prompt  Customize your prompt.

4.6  Equilibrium       Mental equilibrium and physical balance.
4.7  Score             Look at information about your character generally.
4.8  Status            Find out additional information about your character.

4.9  Death             Death will seek ye out, though you be in towers high.
  4.9.1  Resurrection   Methods of returning to life when dead.
  4.9.2  Aging          Perpetual youth!

4.10 Defences          See a list of defences currently affecting you.
4.11 Bleeding          Bleeding from wounds.
4.12 Hunger            All must eat to survive.
4.13 Breathing         Running out of breath and how to prevent it.
4.14 Warcry            The mark of every warrior.
4.15 Sleeping          Sleeping, it's not just for cats.
4.16 Alignment         Good vs. Evil.
4.17 Bloodlines        Record your blood relatives.
4.18 Marriage          Here comes the bride.
4.19 Language          The languages that exist in Imperian.
4.20 Honours           View publically available information about another.
4.21 History           Compose a background and ongoing personal history.
4.22 Rankings          See a list of the top-ranked players, by experience.
4.23 Exploration       Learn about the Fellowship of Explorers.