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Imperian has hundreds of help files to help you learn more about the game and how to play.

3.5 The Imperian news system

Imperian's news system is for players to write articles that other      
players may then read. It is divided into sections, with the main ones being:

Public     Everyone can read it and write in it.
Announce   Everyone can read it. Only administrators may write on it.
Guilds     There is a section for each guild, and you must be in that
           guild in order to read it or write in it.
Cities     There is a section for each city, and you must be a member of  
           that city in order to read it or write in it.
Sects      For each clan and sect, there is a news section, but you must   
           be a member of that clan or sect to read it or write in it.
Comments   This special section is only readable by the creative team of
           Imperian. Use this section sparingly should you wish to bring           
           something to their attention.

You may access the news system in two ways:

   1) Read articles via the READNEWS command (see below), or

   2) Journey to a NEWS entry place. These are scattered throughout the
      land in each major city. Once in one of these places, simply type
      NEWS and wait. Once in the NEWS system, you may type HELP to get
      information on how to use the news.

Newsrooms in each City and Council:

The Celidon Library - Celidon Council
Archives of Kinsarmar - Kinsarmar
The Treehouse - Khandava
Imperial Annals of Stavenn - Stavenn
The Ithaquan Archive - Ithaqua
Gathering tent - Antioch

While you must be in the news in order to write articles, you may read
articles from outside the news. Typing NSTAT will show you how many
articles there are in each section you can read, and the last number you

If you choose to write an article, you will enter the Imperian Composer.
This tool allows you to write an article, skip around from line to line,
replace lines, delete lines, and so on. Typing *help from within the 
Composer will give you help on how to use it.

You can also configure which news sections you don't want to read with
a simple configuration.

Something to keep in mind while using the public, guild, order, and city
news sections is that these are strictly in-role sections. Repeated
out-of-character articles may results in the termination of your writing

Command summary:
  Show you a summary of the news sections you can access.

  Enter the news system.

READNEWS <section> <article #>
  Read a news article from outside the news system. The syntax is, for
  instance: READNEWS PUBLIC 1000.

NSUM/NSUMMARY <section> <beginning article#>
  See a summary of a range of up to 20 articles, starting at whatever
  article you choose.
  See a summary of the latest articles in the given section.

NSEARCH <section> <keywords>
  Search a section using the specified keywords. Wildcards (*) are optional, and there is a cooldown before you can search again.

Read the next unread article in your news summary. This only works while
  not in the news system. (HELP READNEXT)

  Re-reads the last article you read.

  Will read the last news article in the given section.

  Toggle whether you want to see that news section show up in your NSTAT
  summary and be a part of your READNEXT system.

  Return all possible news sections to be seen in your NSTAT and be used
  when the command READNEXT is used.