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Imperian has hundreds of help files to help you learn more about the game and how to play.

10 Cities and Councils

10.1  Structure            The political structure of Governments.
10.2  Rulingcouncils       The ruling councils of Governments.
10.3  Cityleaders          The leaders of Governments.

10.4  Ministries           General information on Ministries.
  10.4.1 Ambassador         The Ministry of the Ambassador.
  10.4.2 War                The Ministry of War.
  10.4.3 Security           The Ministry of Security.
  10.4.4 Treasurer          The Ministry of the Treasury.
  10.4.5 Steward            The Ministry of the Stewardship.
  10.4.6 Trade              The Ministry of Trade.
  10.4.7 Chancellor         The Ministry of the Chancellory.
  10.4.8 Culture            The Ministry of Cultural Affairs.
  10.4.9 Development        The Ministry of Development.

10.5  CityCommands         Basic related commands.
10.6  Ranks                Ranks of prestige within an organization.

10.7  Guards               Guards that will act to protect you.
  10.7.1 Squads             Assign your guards into patrols!
  10.7.2 Patrols            Draw a path for your squad.

10.8  Sewers               Under the cities of Aetherius.

10.9  Polls                Propose changes to your city's government.
  10.9.1 Position_powers    Add and remove powers from positions.
  10.9.2 Creating           Create and destroy city positions.
  10.9.3 Renaming           Renaming city positions.
  10.9.4 Appointment        Changing position election methods.
  10.9.5 Proposers          Changing who can create polls.
  10.9.6 Eligibility        Setting eligibility requirements.
  10.9.7 Budgets            Set the operating budget of a position.

10.10  CityPowers           See what privileges you have in your city.

10.11  Towne                Territories loyal to cities.
  10.11.1 Towne Commands    Basic commands for all towne members.
  10.11.2 Towne Aides       Commands for Aides to the Governor.
  10.11.3 Towne Governor    Commands for the Governor.
  10.11.4 Towne Polls       How to change the Governor title.
  10.11.5 Towne Shops       Commands for towne shops.
  10.11.6 Towne Houses      Commands for towne houses.
  10.11.7 Towne Guards      Commands for towne security.
  10.11.8 Towne Production  Commands for adjusting towne production.

10.12  Cerise              The City matron, located near Caanae.
10.13  Change City         How to change your city or council.