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3.3 The TELL command

Tells are a way to communicate with players who are not in the room with you
or to communicate relatively privately with players who are. To speak to
someone in this manner, the syntax is: TELL <player> <whatever>. For instance:
tell Salal Why don't Dwarven women shave more often? They really could use

You may abbreviate tells by simply typing all or part of the player's name,
followed by what you wish to tell them. For instance:
sala Why don't dwarven women shave more often? They really could use it.

If you wish to simply reply to the last person to speak to you, then all you
have to do is type REPLY <your message>. RETELL will send a tell to the last person you sent a tell to. Similar, but different, from REPLY.

If you do not wish to listen to tells at all, type TELLSOFF. To begin paying
attention to tells again, type TELLSON. When you login, your tells will
automatically be turned on.

You can see a history of the last tells to and from you during your current session by typing TELLS. TELLS RECEIVED will show only those tells that you received. TELLS SENT will show only those tells that you sent. If the tell as listed is abbreviated due to length, you can type SHOWTELL <tell #> to see the full text.

There is also a CONFIG option that will allow you to hide or show any possible customizations of tells (such as through artifact chokers). CONFIG CUSTOMTELLS ON/OFF.