Game Help

Imperian has hundreds of help files to help you learn more about the game and how to play.

9 Circles and Professions

9.1  SkillSets               Collections of individual skills.

9.2  Professions             What are the different professions or classes
  9.2.1  Profession Ranks    Raise in rank as you progress in your profession.
  9.2.2  Switch Professions  How can you switch to another profession?
  9.2.3  Forget Profession   Forget what you have previously learned.
  9.2.4  Deans               Where can I learn a profession?
  9.2.5  Apprentice          Learn a profession from another player.
  9.2.6  Master              Train another in your profession.

9.3  Circles                 What professions can you learn?
  9.3.1  Affinity            How close do you conform to your profession?
  9.3.2  Switch Circle       Switch to a different circle of knowledge.

9.4  Profession List         A list of professions within Imperian.
  9.4.1  Amazon
  9.4.2  Assassin
  9.4.3  Bard 
  9.4.4  Berserker
  9.4.5  Deathknight
  9.4.6  Defiler 
  9.4.7  Diabolist
  9.4.8  Druid
  9.4.9  Engineers
  9.4.10  Hunter
  9.4.11  Mage 
  9.4.12  Monk
  9.4.13  Outrider
  9.4.14  Predator
  9.4.15  Priest
  9.4.16  Ranger
  9.4.17  Renegade
  9.4.18  Runeguard 
  9.4.19  Shaman
  9.4.20  Summoner
  9.4.21  Templar

9.5  Classleads              Classleads are used to help suggest skill changes.