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Imperian has hundreds of help files to help you learn more about the game and how to play.

4.5 The Prompt

The normal prompt is simply a dash. If you'd like your prompt to display more information, type CONFIG PROMPT ON. Your prompt will then display some information on your current state.                                 

"e" on it means you have equilibrium.
"b" means you have balance.

"a" is aeon
"p" is prone
"f" is flying
"b" is blind.
"d" is deaf.
"s" is stunned.
"@" is extradimensional

The options available for configuring your prompt are:

 CONFIG PROMPT BASIC     : Toggles prompt on with basic info
 CONFIG PROMPT HEALTH    : Toggles health in prompt
 CONFIG PROMPT MANA      : Toggles mana in prompt
 CONFIG PROMPT WEAKNESS  : Toggles resurrection debuff timer.

Note that using CONFIG PROMPT BASIC is highly recommended as it allows you to keep constant track of your health, mana, and other important things.                                                                 
CONFIG PROMPT OFF will return your prompt to just a dash.