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19.6 Bugs, Ideas, and Typos

What are bugs, ideas and typos?

   Bugs are issues with the game that cause something to not work properly, or
   to work in an unexpected manner. 
   Ideas are for things you think could be added to Imperian, without limitation.
   It could be something like a new design pattern, to something more complex
   like a new event or arena game.
   Typos are typos! They're used to report spelling and grammar errors, as well as
   errors such as outdated infomation in help and ability files.

   You can submit typo reports via the commands in HELP TYPO.

   NOTE: If you notice an error with a helpfile, you can receive a reward for an
   accepted fix if you submit it through the HELPEDIT system.

 Guidelines for submitting bugs, ideas and typos can be found after the
 command list.

 See also: HELP BUGEXAMPLE for an example bug report.

   BUG <short description>
 - Submit a bug report. Once you do this, an editor will open containing
   several questions for you to fill in if possible.

 - See a list of all the bugs you have submitted.

   BUGSHOW [<#>]
 - Shows you what you submitted for a particular bug number as well as any
   comments on it.

   DELBUG <#>
 - Delete a bug that you reported.

   CB|COMMENTBUG <#> <comment>
 - Comment upon a bug you previously submitted.

 - Comment upon a typo that you previously reported.

   IDEA <description>
 - Submits an idea to the design team.

   IDEASHOW [<#>]
 - Show all of your submitted ideas, or optionally, just one.

 - List your ideas.

   DELIDEA <#>
 - Deletes an idea that you reported.

 - Adds a comment to an idea that you reported.

 - List all your bugs, ideas, and typos.

   If you have an issue that is an emergency that needs dealing with, read
   HELP ISSUES to see how to report it.

Submitting a Bug
   * Do's and Dont's
 - DO Include as much relevant detail as possible.
 - DO give us any information required to reproduce the issue.
 - DO file bugs and typos from within the room they occur
      * If applicable - your current room is automatically included in the report.
 - ALWAYS post a report in-game first, before using Forums or Discord.
 - If you are filing a new bug to clarify one that has been closed, please treat it
   as a NEW report.

   * Guidelines
   1) If it is a skill related bug start off your bug report by saying the skill and
      ability names.
   2) Bugs are tracked down through messages received and user input. Please include
      whatever errant message you got and what you typed.
   3) If there were multiple steps to the bug, or you are able to replicate it,
      please include what happened and in what order.

When filing a bug report, include AS MUCH of the following information as possible:
   - As much information as possible about the bug, and how to replicate it. This is
     especially important with skill bugs and quest bugs, as it is not always
     obvious how to create a situation where obscure bugs can be found and thus
   - If the bug relates to an item or mobile, include the item or mobile number
     (found via II or IH)
   - If the bug is in a room or room effect, please file the report from within the
     room, and note that it applies to the room you're in.
     * If you aren't able to return to the room, please make every effort to give us
       the name and area, or room number of the room!
   - If relating to a skill, include the skill that has a problem, as well as any
     mitigating or contributing factors that may be impacting the behavior.
   - If relating to a quest, where possible include the name of the quest and
     information about the stage of the quest. There are a lot of quests in Imperian,
     and none of us know the details about all of them.
   - Bugs are tracked down through messages received and user input. Please include
     whatever errant message you got and what you typed.

Submitting an Idea
 When submitting an idea, please follow the following guidelines:
   - If the idea is for a change to an already existing profession or skill, please
     submit it through the CLASSLEAD process.
   - Start your idea with what it's about. Eg "An idea for a new artifact.", "An
     idea for a new woodcrafting design".
   - Include as much infomation about the idea as you can! The more infomation you
     can provide, the easier it may be to implement your idea.